Why we all need to add Hygge to our lives this January


If there could be a word of a year, I would say Hygge would have been pretty up there in 2016, everyone on the internet was talking about the little Danish word (pronounced hoo-ga, as I’m sure you already know) that can’t quite be translated into English.

I must have gone on about it so much that the boyfriend picked up the hint and bought me a book on the term for Christmas, result! And actually I’ve decided that January is the perfect time to practice hygge. See whilst it was great last autumn, we still had Christmas and bonfire night which guaranteed warm, comforting feelings. Now it’s dark, depressing January, we’re all poor from Christmas and cold from this ridiculous weather (when did it suddenly turn?!). SO nights in front of the fire with yummy food and friends sounds just perfect. Here are my ideas to make January a hygge filled one…

1) Board games

I always thought a board game was just for Christmas, not for life. Turns out I was so wrong. It’s very hygge to round up your family and friends, get the hot drinks in and have an evening of board games.

2) Nacho nights

Hygge is all about slow cooked, warming foods, which is great when you have a bit of money and time to spare. But it’s also all about having friends and family round and sharing together, so why not make a giant plate of Nachos with all the trimmings. Everyone loves it and you’ll all be enjoying it together which is the important thing.

3) Cosy winter walks

I haven’t seen so much of this in the hygge posts flooding the internet but according to the definition of hygge I’ve discovered, winter walks in all your warmest layers definitely count. It’s all about wrapping yourself up so you’re nice and toasty and embracing the fresh air and natural light while it’s still out there – you see the Danes don’t get all that much of it so have to make the most of it when they do.

4) Going all out on the hot drinks

I love a hot drink all year round, but January is definitely the month to indulge in the best of the best. Whether you fancy a hot chocolate, a mulled cider or just a great cup of tea, throw everything minus the kitchen sink at it, and you will be hygge-ing right.

5) Watch the sunset/sunrise

There are some gorgeous sunsets at the moment, full of pinks, yellows and oranges. There is something breathtaking about watching the sunset wherever you are. And you can watch it from the comfort of your window so you don’t need to get all cold.

6) Make a den

They’re definitely not just for children. Get all your cushions and blankets in one space, light a few hundred candles and create your own sofa den. Then grab your favourite person and settle down for a night of Netflix.


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