What to Wear on Your Weekend Break


If you haven’t seen my post about my weekend in Geneva, make sure to check it out here. On the Sunday, we explored the city of Lausanne where we were staying, and stumbled across this gorgeous part of the Old Town. Even though I wasn’t wearing anything particularly special, I just had to bribe the boyfriend with coffee and chocolate to get him to take some photos of me with the beautiful backdrop.

I don’t know about you but I always pack way too much to take away for a weekend break. And I always end up stressing about the packing process too. But really when you’re going to be exploring a city, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll need a warm coat, comfortable converse and a big jumper. Those were my staples the whole time I was in Geneva. I just livened this outfit up a bit with my favourite denim pinafore and this oversized stripy New Look jumper. The problem with going away at this time is you never know if it’s going to be hot or cold, and we got a real mixed bag in Geneva. I would always go for layers – and try and wear as many of them onto the plane as possible!


Any outfit can look good set against a beautiful Lausanne street like this one, especially with the cobbles and cathedral in the background. And with no one around, I didn’t feel awkward. We caught a quick gap in the downpours so the whole place was deserted!

After taking the photos, we dashed in to the cathedral to have a look around. I love exploring cathedrals abroad, they’re always so peaceful – and it’s interesting to see how different European countries do the universal church. There are always touches to tell you which country you’re in. In this one, a boy was learning to play the cathedral organ and we spent half an hour just sitting listening to him experimenting and getting to grips with the huge instrument!




I really loved the mix of architecture in Switzerland and the Old Town was definitely my favourite part. It was all on a hill and opened up on to amazing views of the rest of the city – with the lake in the background and the snow-capped mountains behind.

What are your holiday outfit staples? Where do you like to explore the most?