My Travel Bucket List


It might still be a week until Christmas but already my thoughts are turning to the New Year. As a classic lover of lists, I absolutely love a New Year’s resolution. And okay I might be that stereotype who’s on it for week one and by week two failing on nearly every front, but it just makes that cold, dark January more bearable when you have a list of aims and feel optimistic. It’s a bit early so rather than write a normal resolutions list just yet, I’m going for a travel bucket list today. Next year I turn 25 and I feel like hitting that milestone has turned my thoughts to visiting a bit more of the world. This year I’ve been to Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Germany and Italy, and also seen much more of the UK. Next year I want to go a little further, I love Europe but I haven’t seen much more of the world. This is an ambitious list though, and to be honest it’s almost definitely going to take me more than a year! Hey ho, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious…


I’ve wanted to go to Japan ever since I saw the amazing BBC documentary Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Island. There’s something so magical about its many islands and unique culture. I’ve never been to Asia and Japan is the first place on that continent that I’d like to tick off.

2.  South Africa

My Dad grew up in South Africa and I’ve always wanted to see what he saw as a little boy – although in 40 years I know it’s changed dramatically. I’m also desperate to go on safari and see animals in their real life habitats.

3. Budapest

A little closer to home, I’m desperate to go to Budapest. My brother and a few friends went this year and loved it and I’ve heard such good things from others too. I’d never been to Germany before this year so slowly ticking European destinations off my list (especially before we leave the EU) really appeals to me.

4. New York

This has been on my list forever. I am desperate to go to New York and I’d love to go at Christmas time. If only it wasn’t going to break the bank – I have a feeling this might be staying on my list for a while!

5. More of Scandinavia

Copenhagen was probably the best city I’ve visited this year and with the rise of Hygge and more and more people living life the Danish way, I want to experience more of this little slice of Northern Europe. Just what is it that makes them the happiest people in the world? I’d desperately love to bring a little bit more of that home to my own life.

6. Scotland

Can you believe I’ve never been to Scotland? Everyone’s been telling me I must get to Edinburgh and whilst I’m there I’d also really like to try the Highlands, they just look so beautiful.

7. To travel solo

In my job I’m lucky enough to be offered amazing opportunities to join press trips abroad, and I haven’t taken it up yet. Wherever it may be to, I’d love to try travelling without the home comforts of the people I know and putting myself to the test a little.

What’s on your travel bucket list for next year?


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