Things to be grateful for…


I’ve had such a lovely relaxed weekend, spending time with the boyfriend, my lovely family and friends. It’s been the perfect mix and most of it has revolved around food too which is always a winner. But it got me thinking about all the things we have to be grateful for and I thought I’d write this little list to give you some Monday motivation – you’ve got this.

1. How pretty it is outside now it’s Autumn – the red and orange leaves, the gorgeous sunsets and the winter flowers. It’s the ideal time to get some fresh air and take a walk.

2. Halloween, bonfire night and (dare I say it…) Christmas – Whether it’s been a terrible year or a brilliant one, the rest of 2016 is looking pretty bright with three of my favourite events. And before you know it, you can start all over again with the dawn of 2017.

3. Reading – However bad or good things get, there’s always a book you can get yourself lost in. I’ve rediscovered my love of reading recently and it’s just the best escapism ever. I’m currently reading Lindsey Kelk’s We Were On A Break and loving it. I’ve even convinced my ‘I only watched the Harry Potter films’ boyfriend to read a book and enjoy it, so I know if he does everyone will.

4. A hot cup of tea – It really does make everything better. And if you don’t like tea, then surely you wouldn’t say no to a biscuit?

5. Lighting a candle – Dark nights snuggled under blankets with lit candles and your favourite TV show. What autumn evenings are all about.

6. Your favourite food – Isn’t it fun to be an adult and be able to eat what you want when you want. Obviously not all the time, but remember being a kid and only being able to eat what was in the cupboard or what was put on the table.

7. Friends and family – It’s so cheesy but it’s great to know that there’s always someone at the end of a phone or at the end of your journey to chat to. Whether it’s your mum, your boyfriend, or your bestie, I’m grateful that I can have a rant or a moan and let it all out.

8. That you have the power to cancel all your plans, lock the door, pour a big glass of wine and run a bubble bath – Sometimes it’s just needed.

9. Climbing into a bed made with fresh sheets – The best feeling in the world is throwing off those cushions and throws, climbing into bed and knowing tomorrow is a new start.

10. Weekends – You are never further than five days away from a weekend, let that be your motivation…


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