The Sunny Summary #6

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Despite the very dodgy weather, June has been pretty damn amazing. Mostly helped by my trip to Sorrento which I haven’t stopped thinking about since, but also because I’ve thrown in a Wimbledon visit and some exciting blog bits too. So although the news has been very depressing, I’ve been smiling and trying to really enjoy the start of summer. Have a look at the sunshine in my month here (because it certainly hasn’t been in the skies all that often…)!

1. Wimbledon

I had the best day at Wimbledon earlier this week, it was the first time I’d ever been and it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It’s like it’s own little town and, even though we had Court 1 tickets, I loved just wandering around the grounds eating strawberries and cream (at £2.50, they were cheaper than I expected!) and drinking Pimms. I’ve got a post to come on this day very soon!

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2. The Little Book of Mindfulness

I’ve been loving using this book this month, I’m currently working my way through and trying out all the techniques. It’s given me a good idea for a new blog series next month too and I can’t wait to get going with it…

3. Pick N Mix

Pick N Mix is my favourite, it has been since I was really little. I always consider giving up sugar and then remember there’s no way I could give up sweets, they’re my one guilty pleasure. But so often they’re stuffed full of gelatine and as a veggie I can’t eat them. I love that M&S now do so many veggie sweets, but I also found a brilliant sweet shop in the North Laine in Brighton last weekend. It had a really wide and well-marked veggie Pick N Mix selection so I was a very happy girl.

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4. Dungarees 

I am so very late to this party but I now own two pairs of short dungarees and I’m becoming obsessed. My latest purchase were a pre-holiday panic buy and they’re a cactus print pair from Joy (I seem to be loving Joy this month!) Now I’m desperate for a long pair – because you always need long trousers for a British summer – and I think I’m probably going to end up living in them.

5. Joy Sunglasses

See I told you I was loving Joy! Another pre-holiday panic purchase but they are the coolest sunglasses I have ever owned and every time I wear them I feel a bit like a movie star. Now just to make sure I don’t sit on them…

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6. Spontaneous Trips

This month, I’ve made quite a few spontaneous weekend plans and it’s been lots of fun. One even involved playing dinosaur crazy golf. Sometimes I think it’s really good just to be a child again and make last-minute fun decisions. I’m definitely going to be doing more of that this month.

7. Afternoon Tea

I’m not sure if I’ve maybe included this in a sunny summary before but if I have, oh well! I bloody love afternoon tea, it’s so quaint and calming and warm and makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I’m addicted to tea anyway, as you all know, so anything that makes an event out of that makes me happy. Add cakes and cream and jam and you’re on to a winner! This month I had the cutest afternoon tea in a little tea shop – it had bunting, mismatched china, floral tablecloths. It was my favourite place in the world.

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8. Agatha Raisin

This is such a random one but I’ve really been enjoying new murder mystery (with a comedic twist) Agatha Raisin on Sky One. Ashley Jensen is brilliant and me and my mum have been curling up on a Tuesday evening and watching it together. It’s just the definition of easy watching.



  1. 1st July 2016 / 6:26 am

    I really want some dungarees but I struggle to find any that fit. I must have a really long body or something cos they’re always too short at the top!

    So jealous you went to Wimbledon. It was always on my bucket list but despite living in Wimbledon for 5 years I never made it!

    • Kerrina
      1st July 2016 / 9:25 pm

      I have a long body and short legs so I’ll probably have the same problem – I’ve only got short ones so far which are much easier to find to fit. Ah you should definitely make the trip down one year, I loved it so much! x

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