The Little Gift of Writing


I know I’ve already done a very long New Year’s resolutions post (if you missed it and have half hour to spare, you can find it here). But please forgive me, I’ve got one sneaky extra one to add. You see I was just sitting here writing some thank you notes to friends and family for the lovely Christmas presents they bought me and it got me thinking. How nice is it to send someone a little card every now and again?

A year ago one of my lovely uni friends sent me a card and a mini pot of Hotel Chocolat buttons, inside she wrote a note saying it was a little parcel just to make me smile. And that made me so happy and has stuck with me all this time.

Like me, you probably receive very little post these days. I even got excited about a letter from Boots with some store vouchers that I got this morning. All the rest is bills, bills, and more boring bills. It’s so rare that I get a handwritten note from someone, usually only on my birthday. And it means so much more than a text or an email. It’s that extra effort they’ve put in, it’s not something you just read and then forget about, it sits on your shelf for a few weeks and makes you smile again and again.

I make a point of always sending my friends birthday cards in the post, at the beginning of the year I mark my diary up with all their birthdays and then pop into Waterloo station’s Scribbler a few days before. But this year I really want to make an effort to send more handwritten notes, cards for no reason other than to make people smile. Because why not? Why don’t you join me?


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