The Happy News #10


After Friday’s events I felt we could all do with some cheering up and that little reminder that all is okay and there is some good in the world. So consider this it – we, the bog standard normal people, that is – can sometimes be pretty extraordinary and do amazing things. Ignore all the so-called big, important people and remember that it’s us that chooses the direction and spirit of the world. It’s all going to be okay.

To kick us off, I love a good pet story! A hero dog saved the life of her paralysed owner by lying on him for 24 hours in sub-zero temperatures to keep him warm long enough to be rescued. Kelsey the Golden Retriever saved his life after he slipped in the snow and broke his neck. What an amazing doggy!

A homeless man was flooded with job offers after a woman shared his cardboard sign on Facebook. She spotted the man in Perth, Australia and wanted to do anything she could to help. A few days later he’d been offered jobs and accommodation and had an amazing six interviews lined up!

#GoatYoga is a thing! Goat Yoga classes at an Oregon farm now has a 1,200 person waiting list because people are enjoying it so much. People practice yoga poses in a pen with a load of goats who happily walk all over them. Bizarre but lovely!

Thousands of protestors took part in the Women’s March in London and all over the world. I particularly liked the selfies the Mayor of London (who I love anyway) took in the crowd! But how brilliant that so many people can unite and peacefully protest together.

If you ever need motivation to get to the gym, read up on this story. Sister Madonna Buder has earned the nickname ‘The Iron Nun’ having completed more than 40 Ironman races in the past 30 years. And she’s 86 and completed her first in 1985, aged 65. Amazing.

And finally, this is sure to bring a tear to your eyes. These twin sisters, each adopted from China by different American families, meet in person for the first time on Good Morning America and it is so gorgeous…


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