Sunny Summary 2016


I really can’t believe we’ve nearly made it to the end of 2016. It feels like time is flying by and when I wake up it might just be 2060, rather than 2017. It’s been a year of ups and mostly downs for the world and personally it’s been a very mixed year too. I guess most years are though. Going back through my iPhone photos (I’ve now got a ridiculous 10,559!), I quickly realised it’s been a year characterised by my new job and a lot of holidays. So without further adieu, here’s my favourite things from 2016. 

  • Christmas

I couldn’t not include the festive fun in my round up, every year it’s a highlight for me. Lots of family time, board games, eating and walks on the beach. I feel so sad I’m not getting anymore for a whole year.



  • Meeting famous people at some amazing events 

Through my job I’ve been to some incredible events this year – the BAFTAs, the Pride of Britain Awards, film premieres for Fantastic Beasts, Girl on the Train, Finding Dory and Bridget Jones’s Baby, amongst many more, and I’ve met some amazing people too. My highlight? 100% chatting to Leonardo DiCaprio after he picked up his BAFTA. It’s not all glam though, I’ve got rather cold on a few too many red carpets. But the best bit has been being able to occasionally bring along my favourite people and to give them amazing experiences. 


  • Holidays

This year I’ve been insanely lucky and travelled to Geneva, Copenhagen, Sorrento, Cornwall, Croatia and Baden Baden. I’ve discovered some incredible European cities, fallen in love in particular with some of the colder parts of Northern Europe and had the most amazing two weeks travelling around Croatia. And I’ve gone with lots of the best people in my life too. 


  • Going behind the scenes at Emmerdale and Corrie

Proudest pic of 2016 above! I’ve been a soap lover as long as I can remember, from 7pm our lounge TV is on lockdown as my mum settles down to the trio of Emmerdale, Corrie and EastEnders. And one of the perks of my job has definitely been going behind the scenes at the former two. I even got to pull a pint in the Woolpack! 

  • Changed my blog up

Can you believe I completed my 100 challenges a whole year ago, it feels like so much longer. It’s been a very up and down year here, and I did go AWOL for a while in the third quarter of the year. But I’m proud that I’ve made it through and developed this blog into something completely new. I’ve worked with a few lovely brands too and I’ve done 11 whole posts in December. Hopefully I’ll keep building on this and 2017 will be a big one for this little space on the internet. 


  • Been more adventurous and carefree

A random one but I think I’ve been much more adventurous in 2016, I’ve let things weigh me down less and tried to keep embodying that childlike spirit. I’ve scaled rocks to watch amazing sunsets in Croatia (evidence above!), I’ve played chase the waves on Devon beaches, and I’ve climbed two mountains in the fog. Sometimes it’s fun to forget your responsibilities and just go for it. 

  • Walked 10 miles with work 

I almost forgot about this one but back in July I walked 10 miles through the streets of London in the dark for Breast Cancer Care. Without any training, it got tough at the end but it was a laugh with my work colleagues. This year I definitely want to do more for charity. 

Wimbledon 1

  • Wimbledon and the Proms 

These are two places I’ve wanted to go forever and they didn’t disappoint. Wimbledon was such a fun day and we got practically the only good weather of the fortnight. And we saw Jamie Cullum at the Proms, our view might have been a little restricted but we still sang at the top of our voices! 


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