Springing Into the New Season

Spring 1

It might have only lasted one day but spring certainly arrived down here in Devon for Good Friday. It disappeared again pretty quickly but we knew it would and made the most of it whilst we could. In fact, at one point we checked the forecast for Saturday and Easter Sunday and the Apple Weather app (which, to be fair, I never usually trust), gave us a 100% chance of rain on both days. At least we had a warning, I suppose! Anyway, back to the sunshine-y day, we spent some time on the beach, we ate ice cream, we played garden games, we went for a country walk, we drank Pimms, we did every cliche sunny day activity we could possibly think of. And it was great.

Spring 2

Spring 3

Spring 4

Of course, one cliche extra sunshine-y day activity is to take blog photos. So I ticked that one off too, and made sure to wear a suitably Spring-like outfit. In Spring, I forego my usual jeans and jumper combo for patterned trousers. I just love them and I always find Topshop come out on top. These ones are my current faves, floral so they have that nod to Spring but black so I can bring them out on the cold, rainy days too. And we all know Spring time in the UK gives us plenty of those days. Then I will pair them with a black high-neck jumper, but for beautiful days, this New Look white blouse is perfect. Add to that, of course, perfect Spring time white Converse. It might not be the most inventive outfit in the world but it’s just perfect for this time of year and always puts a smile on my face. It’s great for work too, and Spring dressing at work I always find the hardest.

Spring 6

Spring 5

Spring 8

Devon in the sunshine is just my favourite place in the world. Taking a walk along the beach is the best activity, stopping for a game of Chase the Wave (does anyone else play this and always get soaking wet?), making friends with the dogs, and throwing pebbles into the sea. I even tried a new ice cream flavour – Candyfloss – with little bits of pink sugar thrown in there, the jury’s still out for me. Then a detour to Tesco for my first jug of Pimms of the year. It had to be done.

Spring 9

Spring 12

Spring 11

I hope you’re all having the best Easter weekend too, still a day left to go. Isn’t this just the best weekend of the whole year?!


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