Pumpkin Picking


It’s becoming a little tradition for me and my little sister – every year for the past three we’ve gone to our local pick your own farm and chosen our own pumpkins for Halloween. The one closest to us is called Garson’s Farm, and i’ve been going there since i was quite little. There are all sorts of things you can pick, apples, plums, spinach, squash, broccoli, corn, strawberries, and many more. It’s just round the corner from a little village which surrounds a pond and green space. Me and my best friend used to talk about owning cottages next-door to each other there when we grew up, feeding the ducks together with our kids and making soup from our purchases from the pick your own farm. It’s funny to remember what seemed like a perfect life when you were a child.

But anyway back to pumpkin picking. We drove round the little fields, stopping at what takes our fancy. We were quite focussed this time, going straight for the pumpkins. But then we must have spent at least an hour in the pumpkin field trying to spot the most perfect, round, cute little pumpkin that my sister had in mind. I began to feel quite sad for all those rejected pumpkins still lying in the mud.




But once we’d picked our favourites we took them back to the car and went to explore the corn field. We love that field the most because the corn plants grow up high and it’s like a little maze. After much mucking around – we got some dirty looks because we decided to have a race through the corn! – we got back in the car and made our final stop at the raspberry field. When it gets towards the middle of autumn and so much of the fruit has been picked you have to go right to the end of the field to find some juicy plump raspberries. We did just that and filled an entire pun net that I can’t wait to stir into my porridge this week – it’s the little things that make the weekdays so much better.



After paying up we were thinking about heading to the cafe for a hot chocolate but it was closed so we came home via the shop to pick up some squirty cream and marshmallows to make our own! I love our little pumpkin picking tradition, now it’s just time to carve and save the inside for some pumpkin soup. Do you have any Halloween traditions?


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