New Year’s Resolutions Catch Up

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BE WARNED – This is a very long post, maybe grab a cup of tea? Sorry!

Writing this post, I’m not really sure if anyone other than me will be that interested. It’s funny that there’s a flurry of posts about New Year’s resolutions on the 1st January, people talk about them for about two weeks and then never utter a word about them again. But this year I was doing that thing where my resolutions were ‘aims’ rather than ‘resolutions’ so I can’t fail – I talk more about it more here. So even if no one else cares, I’m really keen to revisit them each month for me. Just to make sure I’m staying on track and to remind me what still needs work. Let me know how you guys are getting on with your resolutions too? Let’s keep talking about them and we’ll stay motivated! So here we go, let’s see how I’m getting on so far (I’m actually kinda nervous about this!)…

Exercise – Well I’ve made a start, I’ve only missed one pilates class so far this year (and that was due to a delayed train that was out of my control, I promise!). I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve also picked up a Fitbit equivalent and have been trying to do my 10,000 steps everyday – I haven’t made it always but I’ve been actively trying. Not got anywhere with yoga and dancing yet but I have ordered a Davina McCall DVD to try and kickstart my journey to fitness so completing her five week plan is my aim for Feb.

Mindfulness – Woop, I started my mindfulness course last Sunday and I’ve been a good girl and done the 15 minute homework (a body scan for week one) every single day since. It’s an eight week programme so will take me through to March but I just need to make sure I continue with this. I’m loving it so far, and will definitely blog more about it *if* I keep going.

Self-care – Oh I started off so well but I’ve begun to slip with this one, it’s a classic resolution that lasted a couple of weeks. And I always have all my other resolutions on my to do list keeping me busy and shoving fun things off the end. Must try harder for Feb, this is one that needs a lot of work.

Getting my business going – This was always going to be a slow burner but I’ve made a start, we’ve opened a joint account for business transactions and I’ve ordered Starting a Business for Dummies. Not read it yet but it’s a start. For Feb, I want to start reading, sort out the account and transfer money across, and design our logo/label (I promise I’ll fill you in some more on this venture when we’ve got a little further).

Novel – I was about to write ‘This is doomed to forever be on my to do list’ and then remembered I was keeping positive about being able to get going with these resolutions at any point through the year. Fair to say I’ve done nothing towards this but I’ve just got to start writing so one day it will happen…

Water – Probably the thing I’m most proud of, I’ve drunk at least 1.5litres of water (not including any tea or coffee – and I drink a lot of that stuff) every day since January 1st. It’s all thanks to the Water Log app I’ve been using, I’ve filled it in every single day. Not going to lie, haven’t noticed all that good skin, nails, hair etc. I’ve been promised but I’m hoping they’re just around the corner! Just got to continue with this one now.

Blog – Well it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve ‘just kept writing’ which was to be my mantra for 2017 and I have stuck to posting 2-3 times every week. But I haven’t been feeling all that motivated, I haven’t been getting an awful lot of love and I’m not sure my more regular posting has been paying off. I’ve also completely failed with Instagram so that’s my main aim for Feb. I’ll keep ploughing on and hoping I enjoy Feb a bit more.

Travel – 2017 has had a bit of a slow start for travel but I’ve got plenty of ideas and I’m kind of just waiting for pay day to put them into action. I hope February is going to be the month of booking, fingers crossed!

Volunteering/Charity – Again, not one I’ve done much about. I’ve been thinking about this more and haven’t really taken much action. I’m sure it’ll happen soon. But this month I have gone out of my way to do little actions of kindness for my friends and family and I think that’s always a good place to start. 

Food – I’m also pretty proud of this one, I’ve been eating more and, more importantly, making time to cook some lovely lunches for work every Sunday. Lunch was my downfall, I’d grab something quick and often small and easy and never enjoyed it. This month I’ve roasted veg, I’ve made potato cakes, I’ve had veggie balls. Recipes hopefully coming to this blog soon…


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