New Year’s Resolutions Catch Up #2

Positive post

I really enjoyed writing this post last month, reminding myself of all my resolutions and evaluating where I’d got to with each of them. This month I don’t feel like I’ve achieved quite so much so it might not be as fun and rewarding. But then again, it might give me that little kick up the backside that I need. Let’s find out…

Exercise – I’m not exactly following the plan I set out for exercise but I am proud of myself because I’ve come up with a routine which (touch wood) I seem to be sticking to. I’m following my Davina McCall DVD and doing one session every day, so about 15 minutes of intense exercise a day. I’m hoping this will get my fitness up ready to join those yoga and dancing classes I planned to join. I’ve also been going along to all my pilates classes and loving them as usual.

Mindfulness – I’ve been progressing nicely through my mindfulness course, keeping to a class every Sunday and practice nearly everyday this month. I’m now able to do short bursts of meditation without guidance and feel, although I’ve got a long way to go, I’m getting really into it. Only three weeks to go so the real test will be how well I keep it up once I’ve finished the course.

Self-care – I’ve done a little better this month, mainly because I’ve really got into reading (I’m LOVING Big Little Lies) and for me that’s proper me-time. But still I really want to do more and I am finding it hard, whilst keeping up with all the other resolutions too. It needs to be scheduled in and that’s a task for March. I’ve also done lots of sneaky online shopping in Feb, does that count as self-care?!

Getting my business going – I’ve done nothing on this this month and I do feel guilty about it. I want to get it on track for March though, this is hopefully going to be a focus.

Novel – Eek, why do these two have to sit next to each other. Still on the to do list, still getting ignored. It’s going to happen this year, I promise…

Water – I’m still using my app and have tracked my water intake every single day since January 1st. Now I’m exercising a lot I’m hitting the 2 litre mark much more often and I’m really proud of that. I still haven’t really noticed the benefits though, I hope they come soon!

Blog – Not such a good month on the blog front, I’ve had quite a few down days and I just don’t feel like blogging when that happens. Last week in particular was rubbish so I didn’t blog at all and I do feel bad every time I have a full week’s break. I’m not going to let it get me down though, I’ve just got to keep ploughing on. I’ve got lots of ideas for March and I really, really want to just bite the bullet with Instagram, come on Kerrina!

Travel – Things are really starting to materialise but unfortunately Feb wasn’t the month of booking that I hoped it would be. I think March will be that month and I have one long weekend away definitely planned for March which is exciting, just not quite sure where it will be to yet!

Volunteering/charity – I haven’t done anything about this yet but I have come up with a plan – for lent I’ve seen an idea where you give something up every day for the 40 days and fill up a Salvation Army bag with it. Then you have 40 items to donate at the end. I think this would be a really nice thing to do and a good start on this resolution. 

Food – Not so good as Jan, I’ve not put aside so much time to preparing food and have been snacking on naughty bits lots and eating out loads. This month I want to get back to my three healthy meals a day and find some healthy snacks to replace the bad things with. Can’t be that hard, can it?


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