My fave brunch spots in Brighton


It’s Sunday morning and I bet a few of you are thinking about brunch right about now? London offers you all the brunch spots under the sun, my home county Surrey doesn’t do too badly but I’m happiest when I’m in Brighton. They just seem to nail my favourite meal of the day every single time. It must be a combination of the vegetarian culture, the acceptance to serve brunch right into the afternoon and the commitment to quirkiness. All I know is if you’re visiting, make sure you make time for it and start the day right. Here are my top two spots to get your eggs benedict/avo on toast/bacon sarnie fix, and they’re at the opposite end of the scales…

Silo, Brighton: 

When to go: when you fancy a laid back brunch with a friend/boyfriend, perhaps with a Sunday paper or two.

I mentioned this in my Sunny Summary because I went last weekend for the third time. Silo is just fab. And it’s committed to a zero waste policy so you feel like you’re doing the world some good while you’re there too. You walk in and immediately get the industrial vibe. They mill their own flour for their bread, have a compost machine and ferment bread. Everything is silver, upcycled and simply designed. The atmosphere is buzzy and chilled, just what you want for a Sunday morning. I elected for a cappuccino served in the cutest little clay cup and then the veggie breakfast. It was so different to what is usually offered – the homemade baked beans being my favourite, they were so tangy. I wasn’t that keen on the seaweed but it was easily taken off and everything else from the homemade bread to the mushrooms was just scrumptious. Give it a go.

The Breakfast Club:

When to go: when you need to feel energized or your hungover and with a group of people with varying tastes.

Okay so not unique to Brighton, but one opened in the city just last year and I often like to drop in. It serves breakfast right through the day which is ideal if you’ve had a big night out ending up on the beach the night before. It’s pretty much the opposite of Silo, much more commercial, bright and childlike. But it’s got a great buzz, a brunch to share with friends. I always order a mug of Builder’s tea and then vary between pancakes and an eggy breakfast. There are so many good veggie options and the menu is surprisingly inventive. The staff in the Brighton restaurant are also my fave, quirky and lovely. But be warned, you may have to queue.


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