Monday Musings #3 – Treat Yourself

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As you read this I’m writing it one week ago. I don’t usually write this far in advance but it’s currently Monday evening and I’m thinking I wish I’d read this this morning. Does that even make sense? Anyway the reason for all that preamble is that some days are hard. I can write all the Monday motivation in the world but some weeks you’re just not feeling Monday (or any other day for that matter) and it’s a battle to get through. This is what happened to me last Monday. And I kind of knew this was going to happen on the Sunday night before. So next time I’m facing one of those days, because we all have them, I just want to remember to treat myself.

I started too late last week, I only made the resolution at the end of the day when the day had already got me down. But I have to admit I did make up for it – I went a bit crazy in the supermarket buying a naughty cannelloni ready meal (my fave), a whole garlic baguette just for me, an expensive juice, pudding and chocolate treats. Then I went home and hibernated while I ate it all in front of Netflix. Ran myself a bath full of bubbles and listened to the La La Land soundtrack at top volume. It did the trick, don’t get me wrong. But I wish I’d just decided to treat myself like this from the moment I woke up. Instead of knowing it was going to be a bad day and yet still forcing myself up early to exercise (when I really didn’t want to), giving myself a million extra tasks and beating myself up for eating an extra biscuit. Some days you just need to treat yourself.

So if it’s one of those Mondays for you right now, head straight to the coffee shop and buy the biggest drink you fancy and maybe a sneaky brownie for later. Because sometimes you just need it and damn it feels good. 


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