Monday Musings #2 -‘Just Get Started’

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We’re a few weeks into January and one week from Blue Monday. It’s about now that that ‘yeah let’s get to it’ January motivation disappears and is completely taken over by that rubbish feeling. We dread going to work, it’s dark and cold and miserable. And those go get ’em new year’s resolutions are out the window. So I thought I’d give you that reminder that you can still make it all happen. Even if you’ve failed all your resolutions. You’ve got approximately 342 more days to put them into action. So you haven’t failed after all.

Instead remember three little words, one of my favourite phrases ‘Just get started’. That’s all you have to do. Just. Get. Started. Take little steps at first, one foot forward. Break them down into chunks and get going with them. I haven’t started that brilliant fitness regime I meant to start on 1st January so last week I ordered Davina McCall’s DVD today and I’m going to get started with her five week plan. It wasn’t the original idea but it will still help me get started towards fitness. And from there I can continue with my original plan to start a dance class and find a yoga class.

You see as long as you keep moving and don’t completely give up and sit still, you’re getting there.


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