Monday Musings #1 – Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

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I have to confess I’ve had a bit of bloggers’ block this weekend. I had hoped my New Year optimism and wave of ideas would last a little longer than the second week of Jan but hey ho. So I decided to take it back to basics, to think what would I like to read? When even that proved too hard, I went back even further – when would I like to read it? And the thing is, I love to read blogs first thing on a Monday morning. Recently I have been loving Louise Pentland’s Motivational Monday posts. There’s something about reading that little bit of go get ’em advice at the time of the week when I’m usually feeling most negative – 7.30am Monday sat on a commuter train to London.

So I’ve decided to start this little new blog series – every Monday morning. Sometimes it’ll be a little update about my week, a highlight perhaps, sometimes my musings on a certain subject or sometimes just a little bit of inspiration.

Monday feels even harder this week because I’ve had the best weekend. In fact I would go so far as to say I’ve had the best weekend I’ve had in ages. I went to see La La Land Friday night and loved it, I’m still humming the songs now (although that might have something to do with the fact that I’ve listened to the soundtrack on repeat ever since). I haven’t seen a film at the cinema (unless it was for work) in an age and it’s made me remember how much fun it can be to grab a couple of mates and some popcorn (from the corner shop nextdoor which you then hide in your bag because your not paying the extortionate cinema prices – anyone else?!) and to become absorbed in a whole new world. Then Saturday I spent chilling on the sofa with my best friend, eating too much and laughing lots. That evening I got dressed up and had the first date night with my boyfriend that we’ve been on in WAY too long. We went to a bar called Three Six Six, drank some crazy cocktails topped with foam and candy floss and then had the yummiest dinner in a little Gastro pub called The Abbeville. Sunday consisted of more lying on the sofa (a little hungover if I’m honest!), watching Mother’s Day with my mum and sister and a lovely long bath. How was your weekend?

So whether you’ve had a good weekend or a meh one, today marks the start of a new week, and although Monday can sometimes be the hardest day to get through just remember this:

‘Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle’

Whether it’s an annoying colleague, that stupid alarm or just Monday in general. Don’t let it dull the sparkle you might have felt yesterday.

Happy Monday all!


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