Lewes Bonfire Night


This post is a little (OK, very!) late but I thought it was still worth telling you about – especially as I thought we might all need some photos of burning Donald Trump effigies. Too far?

Last weekend I headed to my favourite city of Brighton but spent all of Saturday (bonfire night – doesn’t that seem like forever ago now) in the little town of Lewes. It’s only about 15 mins from Brighton and it’s the home of the very first Bills restaurant. As if that wasn’t enough to make you love it, it also goes pretty crazy for bonfire night and is apparently the biggest celebration of 5th November in the whole of the UK (and as my boyfriend kept mentioning, we only celebrate it in the UK so that makes it the biggest in the world!) 




I couldn’t quite believe that this could all happen in a quiet little town which always looked quaint and cute to me. But looks can apparently be deceiving. The people of Lewes go crazy for one night only and it really is an amazing place to be. After spending a little too long in a little country pub waiting for everything to kick off, we headed out to watch the first parade. Lewes has a number of bonfire societies who all compete for the best effigies, costumes and ultimately fireworks. This year everyone (except one) burnt a Donald Trump – well three days before the election there really was little other choice. And joining in the boos as the effigies were paraded through the streets was quite good for the soul! But Lewes is definitely not for the faint hearted, the streets are full of crowds of people and fire and bangers go off at all times. It’s loud and pretty overwhelming but also amazing!

After the parade is done and you’ve grabbed yourself a mulled cider (essential!) you can head out to one of the bonfire sites for the fireworks. We followed Waterloo society as we’d met one of the members in the pub earlier who had promised us the night of our lives! The fireworks were great but the magic of the night is really the parade when the entire town comes together.



One tip if you do fancy going next year – make sure to pre-book your taxi. We ended up waiting an hour for one and it was a very cold hour! All worth it though for one of my favourite days of the year so far. 


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