Lagom – the new Hygge?

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Last week I posted about the Danish term Hygge which became THE word of 2016. But as soon as I posted I discovered there was a new trend being sent over by those lovely Scandinavians. And this one was called Lagom – pronounced Lar-gom. This time it’s the lovely Swedes imparting the wisdom of their favourite little phrases to live by. Lagom basically means ‘not too little, not too much. Just right.’ Everyone has been saying it’s not as much fun as hygge – claiming that’s all about indulgence and this is all about being frugal and denying yourself. But I feel these Swedes have been a little misunderstood. You see Lagom is about your approach to life in general, about living less excessively. So whilst hygge is about making the most of the little things, this is about being satisfied with what you do have and not always needing more. And it’s also about saving the environment – win, win.

Here are some ways I think you can live more Lagom:

  • Have a clear out

It’s the perfect thing to do in January and is it too early to think about a spring wardrobe too? Go through your clothes and fill some bin liners for your local charity shop. A neat, clean closet and a charitable donation will make you feel all warm inside.

  • Keep a spreadsheet of your finances

I know, boring, boring, boring. But it is a great way to set up your year and have money to invest in things you actually want to do. Hello sneaky March holiday (Sweden anyone?) But seriously I’m going to try and keep a note of all my expenditure from now on just to see where it all goes? Then at the end of the month I’ll roll out the spreadsheet, categorise my spending and see where I can cut down.

  • Grow your own plants

After my little foray into making lip balm for Christmas presents, I want to start making ingredients I can use in them too. I’m thinking maybe mint and aloe vera. And plants look so pretty on the side too.

  • Save, save, save

My friend gave me the idea to save a little bit every day. You begin by saving 1p on 1st January, 2p on the second, 3p on the third etc. etc. And believe it or not in the end you’ll have £667.95! Genius.

  • Plan your lunches for the week and make them on a Sunday

I’ve done this the first few weeks of January and it’s really changed my life. I’m enjoying my lunches so much more and love not having to think about it every night, it was becoming such a drain. Try it, you might just love it.

Give these a go and see that Lagom isn’t all that bad after all!


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