How to Survive Going Back to Work


Like me, I’m sure a lot of you are clinging on to the end of your last day of the Christmas holiday and getting that familiar sinking back to school feeling. It’s like Sunday dread times 16949727. So to get us all through it, I’ve put together a little survival kit. I’m thinking of making this a new blog series for 2017, rather than getting down about tough situations let’s just prepare better!

Bottle, bath, bed

A little twist on your average toddler’s nighttime routine, make tonight the night you bottle it (a glass of wine, the last of the New Year prosecco, beer, or the biggest, most decadent hot chocolate if that’s what takes your fancy), have the dreamiest, most relaxing bath complete with candles, book and bubbles, and get that early night.


The morning is always a panicked rush, why not change the habit of a lifetime for 2017? A little bit of preparation, deciding on an outfit and laying it out ready, pre-making a yummy breakfast and packing your bag can make the day all run a hell of a lot smoother.

Have something to look forward to

Make sure you’ve got something going on to reward yourself for getting through that first day back. Whether it’s a takeaway, an episode of your favourite boxset or some chocolate waiting for you at home, there should definitely be something sitting on the side ready for your Tuesday evening.

A yummy lunch

Why not make Tuesday ‘treat yourself to lunch’ day? Whether you can feel proud of yourself because you’ve prepared a delicious healthy salad which is going to make sticking to your resolutions so much easier or whether it’s the one day you treat yourself to the local pasta place. Lunch will cut your day in half and make everything else so much more bearable.

Diary it

It’s not just about that first day back, the rest of the week might not be so easy – hey, at least it’s only four days long. So get those January plans in the diary – it might be finally visiting some friends in another part of the country, a Sunday roast with the family or a shopping splurge. Fill that weekend with some wonderful things.



  1. newgirlintoon
    2nd January 2017 / 7:10 pm

    I keep thinking I should get myself off the sofa to make tomorrow’s salad but I can’t be bothered! Lol!!

    • Kerrina
      2nd January 2017 / 7:12 pm

      Hehe I’m with you there. But if you do, tomorrow you’ll thank yesterday’s you! x

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