How to Make a Terrarium

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I was so surprised by how few DIY terrarium posts I found on the internet, I thought I was late to the terrarium craze. So I thought I’d let you know how I made mine up last weekend, I love it and it’s got pride of place in my room. My boyfriend surprised me with the glass case for Christmas and a terrarium book too for inspiration, then I slowly got the bits to go inside over January and made it all up. Here’s a step by step of how I did it.

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  • Clean the glass with some tissue – I found so many smudges on mine.
  • I ordered this kit off Amazon to get all the basics, it took a while and came all the way from China but was exactly what I wanted.
  • Pour the charcoal onto the bottom of the glass to form the first layer.
  • The second layer is the pumice stone – the white forms a lovely contrast with the black.
  • Next up is the sheet moss, forming a layer on top of the stone. I found moss the hardest to get hold of and that’s why I bought the kit in the end.
  • Then take your chosen cacti and succulent and tease out the soil from the roots so they’re ready to plant.
  • Put a thin layer of soil over the top of the sheet moss and plant the cacti or succulents in that layer of soil, digging the roots as far down through the moss as they need to go.
  • I then used a tea spoon to pour small pebbles on top as the final layer, I bought this from a pets’ shop and it’s pond pebbles.
  • Finally it’s time to decorate and I used shells to bring a little bit of the beach to my room, laying them in the gaps between the plants. You don’t have to use shells, I’ve seen toys, crystals, bigger stones and shimmery glass too.
  • Ta da! You’re done. Step back and admire.

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