How to get into the Christmas Spirit


I have been in and out of the festive spirit like a Jack in the Box the last few days. Sometimes I feel extra Christmassy and sometimes it feels like January already. I can’t make my mind up but Christmas Eve definitely does not feel like a week away. So I’ve got a pretty free weekend and I decided to write myself a festive to do list, one to make me feel full of Christmas sparkle and ready to embrace the next few days – I may be working till Friday but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to leave it until then to enjoy the big build up.

If you’re struggling to feel full of festive fever, give these steps a go and I’m sure it’ll make you feel like one of Santa’s elves in no time at all.

  1. Wrap your presents – It’s one of those jobs that poor wrappers like me really dread but I’m planning to put on a Christmas film, make some mulled wine and try my hardest to make my presents look presentable this year.
  2. Watch the Christmas 24 channel back to back – I’m yet to watch one movie on the channel yet, what is wrong with me? Whilst wrapping I’m planning to switch on the TV and fill an afternoon full of festive films.
  3. Light all your Christmassy candles – I don’t know about you but scent really helps to take me somewhere and all my wintery, orange scented, spicy candles take me right back to Christmas last year. Also the mood lighting candles create is super festive.
  4. Make mince pies – Mmmm definitely something I need to do ASAP. It’s the smells, the tastes, the baking. And don’t forget to put some little pastry holly leaves on top.
  5. Put on a Christmas playlist – And dance and sing around to all your favourite tunes like no one is watching or listening (preferably they won’t be!)
  6. Write Christmas cards – I’m still debating whether I can be bothered to send Christmas cards this year, but I think there is something about settling down with your candles and a mulled wine (I would include mulled wine in every step if I could) and writing your Christmas cards with a sparkly pen. If you’re not sure, maybe send e-cards instead? It might put you back in touch with an old pal.
  7. Make an amazing hot chocolate with a mini candy cane – Or alternatively you could just buy the Orange Costa hot chocolate, which is incredible, either works?
  8. Eat all the Christmas chocolate – And if I were you I’d do it in the morning. Quality Street, chocolate oranges, all your advent chocolates. There’s nothing quite like chocolate for breakfast at Christmas.
  9. Breaking out the festive pjs – Or if you’re me, the festive onesie!
  10. Play a board game – I don’t know about you but we never tend to play board games in any month of the year except December. Whether it’s Monopoly, Cluedo or my old favourite Taboo, whack one out and argue with the family till your heart’s content – there’s nothing quite like a heated debate with your siblings to get Christmas started…

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