Feeling Peckish at Prezzo

Prezzo 1

Before I headed off on my Italian adventure (blog post to come soon), I was invited to sample the new summer menu at Prezzo London. And I thought what better way to kick off a trip to Italy than with some brilliant British Italian food? You can never have too much pizza or pasta!

So me and the boyfriend headed to the gorgeous Prezzo restaurant on St Martin’s Lane. It’s not an area of London I’ve explored all that much but it was bustling on a warm June evening (I promise we have had a couple!), with live opera down the road and all Londoners seemingly in a good mood. The lovely waiter welcomed us to our table with a view out over the National Portrait Gallery and The British Museum. She didn’t even complain that I was 15 minutes late – after some last minute holiday shopping and a disastrous eyebrow wax appointment due to a terribly-timed power cut. We kicked off with some cocktails – a Porn Star Martini for him and an Amaretto Sour for me. The boyfriend didn’t realise quite how girly his cocktail would be but it did make us laugh when it arrived. We chatted about all our exciting plans for our holiday to Sorrento – we could catch a boat to Capri? What would Pompeii be like? It was the perfect way to kick off a Thursday evening in the sunshine.


When we’d finally shut up and got around to ordering food, we decided to sample the new summer menu. To start we opted for a Superfood Bean and Goat’s Cheese Bruschetta. This is a lovely lighter option if you love a bruschetta but want some extra goodness – I really felt like I was getting some vitamins into my body. And it’s so nice to see something different from the usual garlic bread and proscuitto on the starter’s menu. I’m obsessed with goat’s cheese at the moment so the amount of it I saw definitely made me smile! Over starters and cocktails, we did some people watching – one of our favourite activities. We noticed there were a few people staring at us for taking so many photos and delaying our own eating! But other than that everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening and their food, chatting excitedly with their friends or partners and making plans.

Next for main I went for a roasted red pepper and goats cheese pizza – see I told you I was obsessed with goats cheese! It was nothing like any pizza I’d had before because they’d switched the normal tomato base for roasted red pepper tapenade. And it was seriously yummy. The boyfriend went for a light pizza and I have to say I felt a bit jealous – I couldn’t finish mine but he had a smaller flatbread one with salad on the side. I think I’d go for that if I went again. Whilst eating we both got chatting about why Italian food is just so great, I definitely think it’s my favourite type of cuisine and I guess it’s partly because it’s so good for a vegetarian diet. Also because I’m obsessed with bread, cheese and tomato – and quite often they’re the essential ingredients!



After all that food we were really stuffed but I spotted a veggie Panna cotta on the dessert menu and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those before – so often they have gelatine in. So I went for a mini Panna Cotta with a Nutella hot chocolate on the side. It was definitely the best thing to finish on, so creamy and light so it squeezed in easily. I also tried a bit of the boyfriends mini vanilla cheese cake with salted caramel sauce. It’s never something I’d pick – everyone laughs at me because I always go for the fruity on a dessert menu. But boy was it good, I’d go as far as to say it was the best cheesecake I’d ever had. So I obviously ended up eating half of that too!


We had the best time sitting in the bustling centre of London trying out some amazing food, I’d definitely recommend going down there and trying it all out on a summer’s evening (if they ever return to the UK!) It also got my stomach stretched perfectly, ready for the ridiculous amount of bread and pasta I would eat on my holiday to Italy so thank you Prezzo!



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