Challenge 59: Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

You may remember right back at challenge 3, I cleared out my wardrobe ( It was the perfect new year challenge and I ended up with bags to take off to the charity shop. I wish I could tell you that that order had lasted right the way through the year, but alas of course it hasn’t. Last week, I was thinking about packing for my holiday and took a look in my wardrobe. It was a state, I couldn’t even begin to think about packing and I realised I had also been wearing the same things week in week out to work in order to avoid diving into this mess. It was time to change.

But I just could not be bothered. I think you have to be really in the mood to clear out your wardrobe, and when it’s hot and you would rather be outside then you’re not in the mood. That was until I read this post from Hannah Gale: And suddenly I needed everything on this list. Coincidentally it was pay day too. So I made myself a deal, if I cleared out my wardrobe I was allowed to go on a shopping spree for my holiday. What brilliant motivation.

I think rewarding yourself every now and again is something you should definitely do, but it also works brilliantly to make yourself do that task you’ve been putting off for ages. This deal with myself made particular sense because I didn’t want to buy more things and shove them in my messy wardrobe where they’d get lost forever. Instead I did a huge clear out, had another big bag for the charity shop and also packed away my winter clothes. It revealed so much within my wardrobe that I’d forgotten about, and sneakily cleared the way for some newbies.

As you can see in the photo at the top of this post, I bought lots of summery bits ready for my holiday. Some white dungarees which are super comfy and make me feel about 5 years old, some new mirror lens sunglasses, a stripy top, daisy print playsuit and a triangle bikini which I’m in love with. I’m off to Cannes on Sunday for my summer holiday and cannot wait to wear these, I think I might do an OOTD for each day of my holiday over on my Instagram so make sure to follow me there if you want to see these pieces in action:

What is it about buying new clothes which makes you so happy? I really can’t put my finger on it but I know that this challenge certainly made a task I was dreading a lot more bearable. And now I get to enjoy my new purchases and a tidy, organised wardrobe to put them in. Let me know ways in which you reward yourself in the comments? I think I may want to repeat this challenge!


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