Challenge 60: Watch your Favourite Old Films

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This week I went to see Inside Out at the cinema with my little sister and it reminded me of all those films I watched and loved when I was a child/teen. I absolutely adored Inside Out, it was the most intelligent, thoughtful Disney film I have seen in a while and also a film I think will be genuinely helpful for children confused about their feelings as they grow up. Watching it with my 11-year-old sister, about to start senior school, made it all the more poignant and I definitely cried a couple of times. Disney, I feel, are absolutely nailing it at the moment with recent releases like Frozen, Into the Woods and now Inside Out. They’re growing up and creating classics for the 21st century.

But it did also remind me of the nineties classics, the ones I watched to death when I was growing up, and once I’d landed on Disney there was no stopping me. In the past week I’ve watched all six of the below films and loved re-living my childhood through them. If you’ve got a lazy weekend planned, definitely factor in some of the below (or perhaps some of your own favourite classics):

  1. Toy Story: My absolute favourite nineties classic, this reminds me of lazy Sundays or school holidays spent under a blanket in my lounge re-watching a hundred times. I love number one, two and three but controversially my favourite is Toy Story 2. Released in 1999 when I was 7 years old, I think this was the perfect film for that age and I loved it. I loved Jessie and had her as a toy too. ‘When She Loved Me’ still makes me cry – I remember hiding my secret tears when I was little.
  2. Harry Potter: How could I not include Harry Potter?! I am still yet to have a full Harry Potter marathon but I can easily watch 2 or 3 of these in an afternoon. Harry Potter almost defines my childhood, I watched and read them an insane amount of times. Re-watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone this week made me want to slip the books into my holiday reading list (I’m off on Saturday).
  3. The Lion King: An absolute Disney nineties classic, this was Walt Disney at its best. The highs, the lows, the tale of growing up, it has everything you could ever want. My favourite moment? 100% the hakuna matata song. I’m not sure a double act has ever come close to Timon and Pumbaa in my head.
  4. The Parent Trap: My favourite film for a very long time, I absolutely adored this film and Lindsey Lohan. It still blows my mind that she plays both twins, how do they do it?! Just like most of the films on this list, the songs in this film absolutely make it. Here Comes The Sun is still by far my favourite Beatles song, even after listening to every single one of their albums, simply for the scene in this. Perfect for a cold, calm Sunday afternoon.
  5. Ice Age: Oh Scrat, how I love you. Ice Age is the ultimate feel-good and perfect if you’ve had a little too much of the sun. Get ready to whack on the air con and cool down. The characters make Ice Age, it’s a film that reminds me of times with my brothers because I spent such a lot of time watching this with them when growing up, and even more time listening to them quote from it. ‘Where’s the baby?… there he is!’ was our favourite game to play with my tiny sister.
  6. Frozen: Bit of a cold theme here, maybe I’d had enough of the sun this week. Frozen is the ultimate classic, and whilst Ice Age reminds me of my brothers, Frozen reminds me of my sister. She loves Frozen like every little girl does, has the dress, the dolls, everything. Only slight problem of watching it, ‘Let It Go’ will be straight back into your head and not leaving for a very long time.

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