Me and pumpkin

I know it’s very cliche and blogger-like to love Autumn but it is just such an easy season to love. Orange has always been my very favourite colour, add to that cosy jumpers, hot chocolate and warm fires and you couldn’t really ask for more.

Yesterday we decided to have the most autumnal day possible and visit Garsons Farm in Surrey which has a pick your own farm. It’s brilliant in the summer and spring with lots of fruit and veg but in the autumn my favourite things are pickable. They’ve got so many varieties of apples, squashes, beautiful dahlias, and best of all pumpkins! I took my little sister and she picked the cutest baby pumpkin, perfect for decorating and putting on display in her room.

Flower field

Bunch of flowers

We started off picking dahlias which were a new one there to any time I’ve been before. A field of the most beautiful autumnal coloured flowers in reds, oranges, purples and pinks. We decided to get a bunch together – it was pick 10 for £3.50 – and make a bunch to give to our Mum. There’s something about actually picking something fresh from the ground, it makes it so much better than just picking it up from the supermarket. Almost as good as growing the flowers yourselves!

Next we found the apple orchard. There were so many different varieties to pick from, but a little sign suggested that to find the best ones you walked right to the far corner of the field. Of course, we did just what it said and walked as far as we could to find the big juicy red ones, stopping for a few photos along the way. Today I made an apple cobbler from the apples we picked for our Sunday lunch pudding, I swear it tasted better than any I could have made with other apples.


After that we came across the pumpkin field, the one we had been waiting for. My little sister picked her baby pumpkin out of the ground and we wandered amongst the rest. Can there be any more autumnal scene than one in a pumpkin field? I just love how the bright orange pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes stand out against the muddy green and brown fields.

Pile of pumpkins

Me and pumpkin 2


Finally we discovered a sweetcorn field, although we didn’t want to pick any, we still spent some time getting lost in the maze-like crops. They’re so tall and almost in straight lines so that when you go amongst them you feel like you’re in a maze. We all entered at different places and tried to get through the quickest, getting very lost in the corn along the way.


After all that picking and exploring, our goodies were weighed and we went for a well deserved hot chocolate and cake (or gingerbread latte and scone for me!) All in all it was the most autumnal and happy day I’ve had in a while.