Heart Dress 2

In my last post, I mentioned that I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. That’s not to say I’m not a big fan of love, hearts and my boyfriend. And Valentine’s Day seemed like the most appropriate day to post this, I love a good cliche. Last weekend, to escape the PDA crush to be expected today, me and the boyfriend were in Brighton and thought we’d go for a meal out. I added to the cliche by wearing hearts and we took some photos (with slightly dodgy light).

We headed to Indian Summer in Brighton, a restaurant I’d never even heard of. I have to confess that we’d first wanted to go to our favourite Food For Friends, but it was fully booked. If you’re ever in Brighton, I can not recommend that place enough. It’s vegetarian but even my committed meat-eating boyfriend loves it.

Heart Dress 1

Anyway back to Indian Summer. It’s a gorgeous Indian (surprise surprise) restaurant, a little on the pricey side but perfect for a special occasion. The place had a really nice atmosphere and there were lots of extra touches. There was mango sorbet to cleanse your pallet and a spicy tomato soup before the starter. Both me and the boyfriend went for a Thali, which is a platter of many different things, mine was veggie and his meat. It included all sorts, a selection of mini currys, rice, naan, dips and chutney, popadoms. I’d definitely reccomend it because you get to try out a bit of everything. And there’s plenty that isn’t quite so spicy, I’m not the best with hot food!

Heart Dress 3

Back to this outfit, I adore this heart patterned H&M dress. It’s perfect for work and date night. I had to layer it up with a black jumper because this February weather is not very accepting of sleeveless dresses! Then my trusty camel coat completed the line up. So often, after being in a relationship for four years especially, people don’t bother dressing up and making an effort for date night. I LOVE getting dressed up, it makes it an event. We’re aiming to make it monthly, Valentine’s Day really means nothing.


Pinafore 5

I’ve never done a post like this before but I’m absolutely obsessed with this white shirt dress and I couldn’t pick just one outfit to photograph it in! So I’m doing a 3 ways to wear post, even though I’m definitely no fashion blogger. These photos were actually taken on the wettest, windiest day January has thrown at us, I know great day to pick! So ideally if I were a real fashion blogger I’d probably have no tights on, but no way can I handle that. Can you see how flat and stuck to my face my hair slowly becomes through these photos? And you would not believe how many outakes I have where my hat has flown away.

Pinafore 1

White dress: ASOS

Denim pinafore: ASOS

Bobbled hat: Topshop 

Tasseled boots: New Look

Black bag: Debenhams (old)

Pinafore 3Pinafore 2Pinafore 4

I can’t tell you how many ways I’ve worn this white shirt dress before. I think my favourite has to be the pinafore combo though, I’m obsessed with it. I even wore it last night on the red carpet at the NTAs! It was my first time covering a red carpet event for the magazine I work for and I was pretty terrified. But I felt a lot happier in that outfit, I feel smart but comfy and stylish. All words that I often struggle to achieve with work clothes. The longer shirt dress tucked in also acted as amazing insulation in the sub-zero temperature as I stood freezing for 2 hours. Red carpets look so deceptively glam, don’t they?!

White 5

Beige roll neck jumper: ASOS

Clutch bag: No. 7 (Christmas gift set)

White 2White 3White 1White 4

I bloody love this dress all on its own but I think it’s going to take a January heatwave to make that happen and I doubt that’s coming anytime soon. Instead I’m planning my next trip to Santorini so I can perfectly blend in with the white buildings! In the meantime layering it over a beige roll neck works for me. It’s smart enough for work or even a causal night out if you put some heels on. And you keep warm which is 100% the most important thing. White is sometimes so unforgiving and it’s hard to find something to put underneath it so sticking to nude is ideal.

Check 1

Skirt: New Look

Hat: New Look

Check 3Check 4Check 6Check 5

Finally I’m in love with this skirt. This is amazing for a winter day at home when you want to feel nice but also be comfy. It’s long enough so you don’t flash everyone when you’re lounging on the sofa but not school skirt long. Although bizarrely it does kind of remind me of a school skirt, anyone else? With the pinafore as well, maybe we’re all getting to those sort of quarter life crisis when you start dressing like your 8 year old self?

Taking these photos taught me fashion blogging is hard and you will cover many a good pair of boots in mud doing it. Also a lot of people will stare out of their cars at you, even though they’re going at 60mph. It’s fun to find an outfit you love though, especially one that works so well for work and play – that’s when I feel I’ve really got my money’s worth.

What’s your go to confidence-boosting outfit?

January Outfit 1

Welcome to my very first post of 2016, and in a bid to make it all the firsts, also my very first outfit post. Eek I’m so nervous about posting these but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Fashion is a bit of a passion of mine and I’m just a tiny bit addicted to shopping. With the challenge set up of this blog last year (it feels so strange referring to 2015 as last year!), I couldn’t really cover much fashion here, but this year I’m hoping to change that.

This blog is still very much a place of positivity and happiness so it was only right that this very first fashion post contained some of my favourite things. First off, these boots are just the best. I am obsessed with tassels and feel like a little bit of a cowboy wearing these. I picked them up in the New Look sale last week so try and grab them quick if they’re still there! Then there’s that skirt. It’s just the perfect length, has a gorgeous pattern and I think it is ideal for work, home, and long forest walks. I also love wearing a bit of faux fur on my head, there’s something about covering your ears that makes you feel super warm and cosy.

January Outfit 2

January Outfit 3

January Outfit 4

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love January. I know a lot of people find it dreary and depressing but I love the opportunity for a new start, dark cosy nights and crisp winter walks. As long as it stays dry, January has so much going for it. I took these photos on a forest walk on New Year’s Day, we managed to escape just before it started to pour.

Winter walks are definitely one of my happy things. Last year my challenges taught me more than anything that it is the little things that make you happy, the moments in each day where you feel content. Often we forget that, we think it’s the grand achievements like the new job or getting married. How often have you heard (or said!): “I’ll be happy when I’ve just…” Actually you probably won’t be. You’ll probably stay pretty much the same level of happiness. That’s not to say there’s no hope or you shouldn’t aim for things, of course you should, that’s part of growing up and particularly of being in your twenties. But I’ve been trying to adjust my mindset to realise that old cliche that life is about the journey and not about the end goal. There will always be a new end goal and if you’re only happy when you reach it then you will never be happy. So keep aiming high, keep reaching for those dreams, but remember to enjoy the aiming and the reaching. Remember to enjoy the tiny moments. January doesn’t have to be a dreary month if you fill it full of little happy things like Netflix nights and snuggles in onesies and nights down the pub in front of the fire with friends.

January Outfit 5

Coat: Dorothy Perkins (in the sale!)

Faux Fur Headband: Accessorize (last year)

Jumper: Primark

Skirt: Olive

Boots: New Look (in the sale!)

January Outfit 6

January Outfit 7

So what else does the New Year have in store for this blog? Well I’m hoping to start up some regular features, including something I came up with a while ago and think the internet really needs – a good news round up. I’m going to post it twice a month and just round up all the good news I can find. 2015 was full of dark, depressing news stories and, unfortunately, 2016 will probably be the same. So I would like you to be able to come to this blog to find the positives in the world when maybe it’s getting a bit too much.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see me cover, please please let me know. Eek now it’s time to press publish! Hope you all have a wonderful (happy moment filled) Sunday.

January Outfit 8

January Outfit 9


I’ve never been one to go crazy for the Boxing Day sales. Partly because I hate rummaging through sale rails and partly because I’ve usually got everything I wanted for Christmas. But as you get older and need more practical things, say work clothes, the sales become more appealing. This year I decided I wanted to have a good browse but from the comfort of my own home. Every time I go to the shops, I end up trawling through the rails, only for something in the ‘new in’ section to catch my eye and then I’ve gone and spent full price on an item.
The online sales tend to have the better deals too, with a wider range of sizes and styles. And you can do it from anywhere, meaning you don’t have to take a day out of the lazy Christmas period away from family and stuck in the crowds. I ended up picking up some brilliant things and wanted to share my best buys with you (although who knows how quickly they will sell out!) The green shoes above are my very favourite, I can’t wait to pair them with a white dress in the summer. Can you believe they were just £5 from New Look?!
(From left to right)
Urban Outfitters Belted Cardigan – £25 (reduced from £56)
New Look Mini Skirt – £8 (reduced from £19.99)
Olive Mini Dress –  £32 (reduced from £58)
Olive Suedette Dress – £45 (reduced from £69)
New Look Pattern Jumper – £12 (reduced from £24.99)
ASOS A-Line Skirt – £12 (reduced from £20)

Amazing 1

Longest title ever, but I think it perfectly explains this challenge. Sometimes you just feel a bit rubbish, maybe you’re overtired or you’ve got a lot on or you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Sometimes you feel a bit rubbish and you really can’t be bothered to leave the house. I have these days all the time. All the time. I know I should really get out there and feel refreshed but I just can’t be bothered to face the world. If you’re having one of those days, there is a way to stay in but still make yourself feel amazing. Just four easy steps to follow below, and your day will be a whole lot better than you first thought.


Amazing 2.JPG

  1. On these days, you have to get up and get ready. It’s so easy to stay in your PJs all day and wallow. Instead you have to do the opposite. First of all, you have to get up and have the sparkliest, brightest Lush bath. It never fails to lift your spirits, pick one of the uplifting ones. My favourite is the flamingo, it transports me to holidays in the South of France where we would go on long cycle rides to try and spot them flying overhead. And it’s bright pink, what more could you want?                                                                                                                              aAmazing 3       a      
  2. Next you get dressed in your favourite, comfy but stylish outfit. My go-to has to be my big, white fluffy roll neck jumper, my suede skirt and my black boots with a heel high enough to make me feel powerful but low enough to still feel comfy. Grab a cute accessory too, usually this might be a bag or some sunglasses. For me, on this day it was coffee and, of course, a red cup.                                                                                                                                                         aAmazing 4  a  
  3. Face time, but not of the iPhone variety. It’s time to get out all that make up that you usually save for a big day. Whatever make up makes you feel good, put it on. If you’re only staying in all day then nothing is too much, no one is there to see. On these days I always go for a power red lip, I’m often too scared to rock a red lip in public but it makes me feel amazing at home every time I catch my reflection in a mirror.                                                                                                                       IMG_0328 a         
  4. Finally, make something scrumptious but healthy to eat. Get a big breakfast in you that’s going to set you up for the rest of the day. For proper comfort food, I always go for porridge. A big bowl of healthy porridge, and my favourite is Deliciously Ella’s Creamy Coconut one. It’s so warming and filling yet super wholesome and healthy.

Now you’re ready to hit the day hard, go for it!