Wimbledon 1

Last Monday I was lucky enough to take a trip to Wimbledon in the beautiful sunshine. So often I focus on the weather in this blog, because sunshine does just make you happy. But at Wimbledon the weather is essential, we had Court One tickets and if it rains you simply don’t see any tennis. Ever since, it’s been the wettest Wimbledon in years! But Lady Luck looked down on us and we bathed in sunshine, even accidentally burning a little.

Despite living just down the road, I’ve never been to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships before. I’ve tried for many years but it is so hard to get hold of tickets. This year I got a call the Friday before Wimbledon began, it was my Gran who had two Court One tickets but could no longer go along. Me and the boyfriend jumped at the chance and couldn’t wait. I thought a lot about what to wear, I had no idea of the dress code. But decided ultimately to go a little bit special, Wimbledon is a good excuse and wore this Very co-ord which I bought for a wedding a few years ago. It turned out to be perfect in the sunshine and it really was a mixed bag – some wore jeans and some ball gowns!

Wimbledon 3Wimbledon 4Wimbledon 5

We started our day with a picnic on Murray Mount/Henman Hill (whatever you like to call it!), and then we had a wander around all the grounds with a Pimms in hand. If you just have ground tickets, you can still sit and watch matches on all the outer courts. And at the start of the first week, there are lots of amazing matches and players playing all over the place so it’s definitely worth it.

At 1pm, we headed on to Court One. The atmosphere was immediately amazing, it’s such a big court with so many seats but you still feel like a part of the action. We bought strawberries and cream and became a proper Wimbledon cliche. They were only £2.50, I was surprised they weren’t more expensive! We saw Venus Williams, she played with real style and gave a sassy little spin in celebration when she won. Then we saw male sixth seed Nishikori destroy his Australian opponent. There were so many Japanese and Australian fans in the crowd, and they were all getting so into the game which really dragged us along. Finally we got all fired up for British Laura Robson, who sadly lost, but the crowd were massively behind her.

Wimbledon 2Wimbledon 7Wimbledon 6

During the breaks, we headed off for a wander around, taking in the excitement and the atmosphere. Wimbledon is like it’s own little city, with hundreds of people thrown in. It was fun to go and explore the outer practice courts too, watching some future players hit a ball around casually.

If you can get tickets, and trust me I know it’s hard, do! I’m going to be trying every year from now on.


If you haven’t seen my post about my weekend in Geneva, make sure to check it out here. On the Sunday, we explored the city of Lausanne where we were staying, and stumbled across this gorgeous part of the Old Town. Even though I wasn’t wearing anything particularly special, I just had to bribe the boyfriend with coffee and chocolate to get him to take some photos of me with the beautiful backdrop.

I don’t know about you but I always pack way too much to take away for a weekend break. And I always end up stressing about the packing process too. But really when you’re going to be exploring a city, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll need a warm coat, comfortable converse and a big jumper. Those were my staples the whole time I was in Geneva. I just livened this outfit up a bit with my favourite denim pinafore and this oversized stripy New Look jumper. The problem with going away at this time is you never know if it’s going to be hot or cold, and we got a real mixed bag in Geneva. I would always go for layers – and try and wear as many of them onto the plane as possible!


Any outfit can look good set against a beautiful Lausanne street like this one, especially with the cobbles and cathedral in the background. And with no one around, I didn’t feel awkward. We caught a quick gap in the downpours so the whole place was deserted!

After taking the photos, we dashed in to the cathedral to have a look around. I love exploring cathedrals abroad, they’re always so peaceful – and it’s interesting to see how different European countries do the universal church. There are always touches to tell you which country you’re in. In this one, a boy was learning to play the cathedral organ and we spent half an hour just sitting listening to him experimenting and getting to grips with the huge instrument!




I really loved the mix of architecture in Switzerland and the Old Town was definitely my favourite part. It was all on a hill and opened up on to amazing views of the rest of the city – with the lake in the background and the snow-capped mountains behind.

What are your holiday outfit staples? Where do you like to explore the most?

Hello 4

I had one of the busiest weekends of my life this weekend, and it went by with a flash. I can’t believe I’m at Monday already. A busy weekend in the heat, has also meant I am absolutely exhausted and so ready to hit the hay, just as soon as I’ve written this blog post…

Although it was jam packed, I had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take some photos, what do you think of this white off the shoulder ASOS dress? I’m completely in love with it, and I think it’s perfect for British spring days with its long sleeves and slightly chunkier material. I don’t know about you but I am loving the off the shoulder trend this season, although I do find it very hard to not keep pulling it up to my neck. I’m never going to be the best at fashion!

Hello 9


Hello 3

Hello 5

This weekend kicked off with a work night out on our building’s newly opened rooftop bar. Then on Saturday I celebrated my birthday with my friends. When I arrived at my boyfriend’s house, my best friends had decked it out in pink decorations – there were sequins, balloons, pink cocktail glasses, Pimms and even flamingo drink stirrers! Only boys live at my boyfriend’s house so it was quite a change to see it bathed in pink!

After cake, drinking Pimms in the garden, dancing, table tennis and games, we headed off to Kensington Roof Gardens. Although we never got to meet the flamingos who live there (I think we were a bit late for that in the end!), we still loved it. We danced to bongo drums, relaxed on deckchairs in the gardens at 2am, ate a cheeky BBQ snack and even snuck into the VIP area. It was the best night, surrounded by my favourite people.

Hello 11

Hello 1

Then Sunday came rather quickly, and was the hottest day of them all! We were too late for brunch so made our own (with the genius addition of hash browns!). And Sunday also involved iced frappacinos, lounging in the garden, binge watching TV and quickly realising it was 4pm and time for me to head to work. Although I’m not sure you would call it work in the traditional sense of the word – I was covering the BAFTAs! As you can imagine the red carpet was ridiculously hot, but I can’t really complain. I still feel so lucky to be doing the job I do, and watching Justin Timberlake take selfies with fans in front of me was a particular highlight.

And just like that it was Monday morning and I was posting on my blog one day late. Hope you all had lovely weekends too, what did you get up to?

Little things 2

I’ve been wanting to write a post about my little motto for a long time. It’s sneaked in to a lot of my others before, I’ve mentioned it here and there. But I decided today was the day to dedicate an entire post to it. ‘It’s the little things’. That phrase is really transforming my life, month by month. I think I first thought about it after reading it on Pinterest – one of my many inspirational quote pins that I’ve become obsessed with. But for some reason, that one really stuck for me. Last year I reached a bit of a crisis moment, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know. I didn’t know what I was doing, I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t sure what would make me happy or how to be happy. It felt confusing and horrible.

Little things 1

  • Red top – New Look
  • Black jeans – Topshop
  • Triangle necklace – Accessorize
  • Mac – Primark (last year)
  • Leopard Print flats – Accessorize

Little things 5

Little things 7

I think everyone reaches that moment in their twenties when they suddenly realise how old they are – that if they’d have seen someone their age when they were 15 they would have thought they were a ‘proper adult’. We all know now that such a thing doesn’t exist. But it’s still a weird time, a time of flux. When you’re in school and university, year by year you have a goal – something to work for. Whether it’s your GCSEs, A Levels, first year uni exams etc., something punctuates the end of each and every year. And then you get out of education and that doesn’t happen anymore. I think that way of schooling for us millennials is partly why we don’t stay in jobs for as long as previous generations, we’re so used to something starting and ending again, of working toward something new every single year.

My whole life I thought my career would define me. I’m a perfectionist (I don’t say this as a compliment to myself, in fact quite the opposite, I think it’s quite a negative quality to possess). So working hard should define me, should be my mark on the world. I should be a career woman, rise up the ranks quickly and be a big boss by the time I’m thirty. Then I got into the real world and a) I realised that doesn’t always happen and you have very little control over it, and b) more surprisingly, I realised I didn’t want that. I didn’t really enjoy the 9-5, I could get used to it but I still craved the moments I spent outside of it, the moments I spent with family and friends, moments spent travelling the world, moments spent enjoying the outdoors. And that really surprised me. I thought working hard and being successful would satisfy me, but within a year of entering the work place, I knew that wasn’t true.

Little things 6

Little things 4

So what would satisfy me? How could I make my world a happy one and my life something I deemed ‘successful’? Such a difficult word – it so often means career or educational success. First off, I realised that was wrong. To be successful, for me, would be to be happy. And to be happy? Well I’m still working on it. But I know my career isn’t going to be the only thing that will make me happy. It can make me happy hopefully, but it’s not going to make me happy if it defines me. Instead, it’s the little things. They will make me happy if I just pause, realise them and enjoy them. They were making me happy all along, if I’d just realised it. The walks in the parks, splashing in muddy puddles, wearing a new top which I love, doing my makeup just the way I want it, eating a cupcake and drinking a cup of tea, binge watching a Netflix series, making the train with one minute to spare, cuddling up under the duvet whilst the rain beats at the window, having a Lush bath, getting a complimentary email at work, spending an hour on my hair, a new notebook, playing a game of chase the waves with my little sister. I could go on and on. It’s the tiny little moments, which may only last five seconds. They can come and go, and you might never notice them. But if you do, and if you always live in the moment with those little things, then you’ll be happy. Because little happy things touch everyday, even the very worst of them.

P.S. Speaking of little things, I just love wearing this New Look red top, I feel floaty and spring-like and on top of the world. Paired with my new leopard print flats as well, I feel just the right side of sassy!

Spring 1

It might have only lasted one day but spring certainly arrived down here in Devon for Good Friday. It disappeared again pretty quickly but we knew it would and made the most of it whilst we could. In fact, at one point we checked the forecast for Saturday and Easter Sunday and the Apple Weather app (which, to be fair, I never usually trust), gave us a 100% chance of rain on both days. At least we had a warning, I suppose! Anyway, back to the sunshine-y day, we spent some time on the beach, we ate ice cream, we played garden games, we went for a country walk, we drank Pimms, we did every cliche sunny day activity we could possibly think of. And it was great.

Spring 2

Spring 3

Spring 4

Of course, one cliche extra sunshine-y day activity is to take blog photos. So I ticked that one off too, and made sure to wear a suitably Spring-like outfit. In Spring, I forego my usual jeans and jumper combo for patterned trousers. I just love them and I always find Topshop come out on top. These ones are my current faves, floral so they have that nod to Spring but black so I can bring them out on the cold, rainy days too. And we all know Spring time in the UK gives us plenty of those days. Then I will pair them with a black high-neck jumper, but for beautiful days, this New Look white blouse is perfect. Add to that, of course, perfect Spring time white Converse. It might not be the most inventive outfit in the world but it’s just perfect for this time of year and always puts a smile on my face. It’s great for work too, and Spring dressing at work I always find the hardest.

Spring 6

Spring 5

Spring 8

Devon in the sunshine is just my favourite place in the world. Taking a walk along the beach is the best activity, stopping for a game of Chase the Wave (does anyone else play this and always get soaking wet?), making friends with the dogs, and throwing pebbles into the sea. I even tried a new ice cream flavour – Candyfloss – with little bits of pink sugar thrown in there, the jury’s still out for me. Then a detour to Tesco for my first jug of Pimms of the year. It had to be done.

Spring 9

Spring 12

Spring 11

I hope you’re all having the best Easter weekend too, still a day left to go. Isn’t this just the best weekend of the whole year?!