Books to Inspire You in 2017


Last year I broke the habit of a lifetime as an English literature student and got seriously into non-fiction, self-help books. And now I bloody love them. Even after reading a chapter you come away feeling positive and inspired. Here are my top three, if you’re wanting to get 2017 off to a motivated start then just get reading. 

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I might have read this a couple of years ago now but it’s one I always revisit. If you want to make 2017 a happier one in which you stick to a few more resolutions, it’s definitely for you. Gretchen Rubin presents you with an almost-diary documenting her 2009, the year when she implemented her happiness project taking on challenges each month to improve different areas of her life. It’s part autobiographical and part self-help guide, but I love that Gretchen never shies away from showing you where she failed or perhaps had to readjust. Honest and relatable – she focusses on mastering the little things and shows how you can do it too.

Thrive by Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is such an inspiration, an incredibly successful woman but one that prioritises her life over her career after she collapsed from exhaustion back in 2007. And in this book she teaches us all how we can begin to balance it. If you’re one of those committed #girlbosses, that’s great. But you probably suffer from a bit of burn out too, this book teaches you to listen to your body and focus on you. Again, part autobiographical, part self-help, it also touches on my favourite theme of mindfulness. Most of us want to get a bit of career success and have a fulfilled life too, but most books only focus on one or the other – this is the perfect combination.

Into the Heart of Mindfulness by Ed Halliwell

You can see how loved this is from the photo above – I’ve definitely used and abused this book. You might sense a bit of theme, but once again this is part autobiography, part self-help. I just feel these sorts of books are more practical and inspiring than ones that are purely self-help. Ed used to work at FHM, but after suffering from depression, he chucked it all in and found a new focus – mindfulness. I’m desperate to add more meditation into my life and Ed’s book gives you practical exercises as well as insights into how he made it work and how he found his way through the maze of life. Working in the same industry as him originally, but having a fascination with mental health and mindfulness, this book was way up my street and I still refer back to it many months on.


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