A Weekend In York


November was a month of dashing to and from a million English cities every weekend. I went from Brighton to Birmingham and finally to York to cross pretty much the whole country. I loved it, but I must admit I also loved not having to get on a train this weekend. Sunday was my first day not using public transport in an entire month, that’s just crazy. 

Anyway back to York, my little brother is at uni up there so we went to visit him and to explore the city just in time for Christmas to have hit.

Where we stayed…

We stayed at the amazing Hotel Indigo for one night, and although it was pricey it was also probably the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in in the UK. Big claim. But it was beautiful and quirky and just so English. I went around taking photos just so I could remember to design my future house exactly like the room. And the minibar equipped with chocolate and biscuits was free, what a way to win me over!

What we ate…

To be completely honest I didn’t love a lot of the places we ate in. We went off recommendations from people we don’t know that well and I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. But I would recommend Il Paradiso Del Cibo where we had dinner. It’s a tiny restaurant just down from our hotel and, although we found the service a bit strange – we weren’t quite sure if the waiter was joking or really did hate us for creating our own pizza and not picking one off the menu – the food was delicious. 

What we did…




This is where I fell in love with York. There was so much to do and I honestly think we crammed as much as was physically possible into our two days. We went to the cute Christmas markets and drunk mulled wine. They’re not quite as good as Birmingham’s I have to say (or maybe I’m biased) but they are cute and really got me into the festive spirit. We went to The Shambles which JK Rowling apparently based Diagon Alley on. This was my favourite, it reminded me of Bath with the tall leaning old buildings, thin streets and fairy lights. I would definitely not have been surprised if I stumbled across a shop selling wands. We went to York Minster – top tip: you can see loads without paying the £10 entrance fee so wander inside even if you don’t want to cough up. We shopped. We toured York university. We ate got chocolate in York’s Chocolate Story – definitely worth a visit. We saw the castle all lit up. The only thing we’ve saved for our next visit is walking the castle walls. According to my iPhone I did walk 18,000 steps that day though, so I think doing that this time round might have been a step too far! 

In the evening we did something a little different and tried out an Escape Room. I would really recommend it, it puts your brain to the test but it was so much fun and I honestly think everyone would enjoy it. And we made it out with 5 minutes to spare! 

I loved every minute of my trip to York, which city do you think I need to visit next? 



  1. 6th December 2016 / 10:44 pm

    Love York but next time you need to adventure just a tiny bit further North to Newcastle, I promise you wont be disappointed!

    • Kerrina
      8th December 2016 / 8:33 am

      I would love to! Definitely on my list x

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