A Weekend In Split


This post is a long time in the making, I actually went to Split last October but was on a bit of a blogging break back then and never got round to writing this up. My trip to Split was part of a 10 day adventure across Croatia – taking in Hvar and Dubrovnik too. I have posts about both of those to come! But the whole trip completely left me falling in love with Croatia and although I usually tell myself I should always try somewhere new for my next holiday – I really want to go back. We spent only two nights in Split but I would say it’s the perfect place to begin your Croatian tour – its more of a city than a beachy place so you can tire yourself out squeezing in lots and lots knowing you’ve got the relaxing bit to come. 

Where we stayed…

I know I always rave about Airbnb (believe it or not I only stayed in my first one last year), but honestly this place is worth shouting about. We decided to start off our holiday in a little apartment knowing it would be more of a base in Split and then splashed out on hotels for the remainder of the trip where we thought we might want pools and spas and breakfast! But we struck gold with this particular Airbnb. It was only small, just a bedroom and a little kitchen but it was a short walk from both the port (meaning we didn’t have to lug cases far or fork out on a taxi) and from the town. The owners were so lovely and gave us tons of recommendations and they made checking in and out super easy too. I would say this was my best airbnb experience yet.

What we ate…

Ice cream

Cheese and wine

I think we ate better here than we did on the rest of the trip (definitely better than in Dubrovnik but that’s for another post…) We stumbled across Bepa! for the first night and huddled under blankets in a beautiful square. I had a great veggie burger. Other food highlights have to include the most amazing mojito ice cream I’ve ever tasted from Luka (I would say even better than Italian ice cream!) It’s a little tricky to find but persist because you will be rewarded. I also can’t recommend enough getting cheese and wine from Paradox. The waiters seriously know their stuff and Croatian cheese with jams and bread was the stuff of dreams. 

What we did…


We really crammed it in from the moment we arrived. On the first evening we climbed the Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius – we did get scared about half way up but the views were just beautiful especially during the sunset. After dinner we sat on the steps in the square below with a drink listening to the live music. The atmosphere was amazing and we ended up doing this the next night too because we loved it so much. Kids danced to classics like John Lennon’s Imagine, the crowd joined in with every chorus. It was honestly magical and one of my fondest memories of the trip – and you didn’t even have to buy a drink to sit on some of the steps so it’s free too. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early – attempted to make breakfast ourselves and burnt it! But after that slight disaster, we explored the Diocletian’s Palace in the sunshine. It was great for my history buff boyfriend but I have to admit that I did get a little bored by the 15th Roman stone room! In the afternoon we hired bikes and rode round the whole of the Park Šuma Marjan. At first we had planned to cycle to the top of the hill (the views are supposedly beautiful) but after seeing how steep they are we decided to go round instead. Nowhere really makes it clear how long it will take so at times we thought it might never end but the cycle is definitely manageable and takes about an hour and a half. We stopped a few times on the way to lie on beaches (though they weren’t brilliant) and explore the forests. 

Then the evening was spent drinking wine and cheese, eating pizza and returning to the square. We had a bright and early start the next morning to head to Hvar so that ended the trip to Split. But I really loved starting the holiday here, it was jam packed but peaceful at the same time and we really felt we got a proper feel of the city in only two days. Definitely visit if you get the chance.


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