A Weekend in Sorrento (Part Two)


If you haven’t read about the first half of my Italian adventure, check out the post here. I’m so glad you’ve all been enjoying it and I hope it’s inspired you to check out Skyscanner for cheap flights to Naples, because it really is one of the most magical places in the whole world. After two beach-packed days on Friday and Saturday, Sunday and Monday were times to explore a bit more and were properly jam-packed, so without further ado, have a little read of the rest of my travel diary…



We woke up to grey clouds for the first time since we’d arrived, and after checking the forecast we decided it was definitely not a day for the beach. Instead we went for a lovely lunch on the harbour, complete with Aperol Spritz. Looking out over the sea, with Vesuvius smiling down at us, we decided today was the day to visit Pompeii. I don’t think a trip to this part of Italy is complete without a visit to Pompeii, it’s such a historically important site.

We got the train from Sorrento station, which was very reasonably priced and only took around half hour. Pompeii entry was only €11 too, as we were under 25. I’m not a history geek but it truly was a moving and very surreal experience walking round Pompeii. I had no idea how preserved the city would be and it felt so strange to wander the streets and the houses that would have been such a vibrant centre 2000 years ago. 2000 years is just incomprehensible really. But it’s so easy to think of people from that long ago as aliens. Wandering round the streets of Pompeii, I realised they were just like you and me.You see the mosaics and art work in their houses, visit the buildings of the rich with fountains and gardens and survey the amphitheatres too. All in the shadow of Vesuvius, which you can see whenever you turn. It’s quite haunting really.


Capri 1Capri 3Capri 2Capri 5Capri 4Capri 6

The sun returned, so today we decided to rent a boat and sail to the amazing island of Capri. I would 100% recommend a visit, I absolutely loved the island. But I wouldn’t recommend sailing your own boat. The waves were enormous and whilst I expected to spend the whole journey across the sea reclined like I am in the photo above, I could only relax when the boat was still. Everyone said the sea is calm but the waves we experienced were metres high and threw our little RIB boat all over the place. It was truly terrifying! I have no photos of the waves because we were honestly too scared to get our phones out. And we desperately wanted to visit the famous Blue Cave but we couldn’t because the waves were too big and it was closed. I think we were probably unlucky, but just a warning because I never get seasick or scared on boats and I really did this time!

Once we finally got to Capri and our legs had stopped shaking, we parked the boat in the harbour thanks to a lovely man – who told us it was free but he expected a tip! We had lunch by the harbour – I’d got quite used to having two pasta dishes a day by this point – and then had an explore and a lie down on the beach. Capri is pretty tiny but so quintessentially Italian. When the sun was out, I even felt like I could have been on an island in the Caribbean, everyone was so chilled and relaxed in the sunshine. We were slightly dreading heading back as the waves had got even bigger, so we called the boat office we had rented from and they said someone would follow us home. It was pretty treacherous and we spent most of the time sitting on the floor of the boat hanging on for dear life! Not quite the glamorous boat trip we were expecting…


That pretty much brought my trip to Sorrento to a close, and I had well and truly fallen in love with the coast, waves included! There was so much to explore, every town and island was beautiful and offered something new. I really need to go back soon and find more. But it also offers a relaxed, sunbathing holiday for some and an adventurous one for others, I love a mix so it really was the perfect place for me.


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