A Guide to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik 2

We’ve finally made it to the end of my tour of Croatia, only five months after I arrived home! This third post is about the last stop we made at Dubrovnik – the ancient walled city filled with beaches, history and amazing sunsets. It definitely is the perfect place to end up and 100% worth seeing at some point, mainly because it’s just completely unique.

Where we stayed…

We stayed in Villa Glavic Dubrovnik and I have to admit it was my least favourite of the places we stayed in Croatia. It’s a cheaper add-on to Grand Villa Argentina, but you can still use all the communal areas of that hotel. And the communal areas are the biggest perk – the pool in particular which has the most extraordinary views. It was freezing but laying there with the sea spread out in front of you and the old city of Dubrovnik to the right was just perfect. The rooms, however, not so much. We ended up asking to move because we were given the worst dank and dark corner room with no natural light and plenty of mould. They were nice about it though, they moved us to the room opposite which was much brighter and bigger – so the staff were definitely a positive of the place.

What we ate…

Choc cake

The food was very up and down in Dubrovnik. Some places were brilliant for veggies and we ended up visiting a few times, and some places not so good. Considering there were so many restaurants in the city, I guess I was a little disappointed.

A few highlights were Mex Cantina Bona Fide (which served Mexican and Italian – I tried both and they were great), Nishta (amazing for veggies and you get a Smiley Bean to keep with your bill – so cute), and Pizza Olivia (great pizza). Anywhere that provided blankets for the chilly autumnal evenings got a tick in my book – and all of these places did.

What we did…

Sveti JakovDubrovnik

We’d packed the holiday full so far so when we got to Dubrovnik we gave ourselves a bit of down time. Leaving beautiful Hvar early in the morning, once we finally disembarked in Dubrovnik all we wanted to do was head straight to the pool and make the most of the sun. That’s exactly what we did. Continuing our chilled out vibe, the next day we headed to Sveti Jakov beach and spent the whole day there. It was probably one of my favourite days, the beach was just gorgeous with white sand and turquoise blue waters and so quiet. With the view of the city on the horizon, it was probably one of the best beaches I’ve ever visited and we spent the day dipping in and out of the water.

The next day was cloudy as we expected so it was time to explore the city. First up we walked the city walls – the views were amazing and I really felt like a Game of Thrones extra. Definitely something I would recommend, you see the whole city and the sea laying out before you and it’s something to do come rain or shine. The rain came down heavily towards the end of the walk so we found a cafe that served a cheese platter to cuddle up in. We spent the evening exploring the many nooks and crannies of the Old Town – the thing with Dubrovnik is it’s just worth walking around and taking it all in, it’s nothing like anywhere else I’ve ever been.

City WallsCity Walls 2City Walls 3Lokrum 1Lokrum 2Buza Bar

The final day we took a boat over to the island of Lokrum. I swam in a lake, admired a peacock eating a bread roll, hiked up to the castle and visited the cactus garden. When we got back to the mainland, we ran through the streets to make the sunset view at the Buza Bar. After clambering across some rocks, we finished the holiday clinking drinks and watching the sun sink beneath the ocean. Perfection!


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