4 Things to do in London this Christmas


I love London at Christmas time. Most of the year London feels like the place I work in only. It’s the crowds and the fast pace and the queues. I’m either too impatient or my little legs can’t keep up! But at Christmas the smiles come out and everyone is a bit more jolly – you even find people apologising when they bash into you on the Underground stairs. That’s got to be a Christmas miracle. Having dedicated the last few festive seasons to exploring a lot of what London has to offer, here are my recommendations.

1.Go ice skating

Over the years I’ve tried Hampton Court, Somerset House, the Natural History Museum and Winter Wonderland. I couldn’t pick a favourite, with the fairy lights, cold air, giant Christmas trees and mulled wine for afterwards, they can’t fail to put you in a good mood and into the Christmas spirit. This year I want to give Canary Wharf’s a try. 

2. Go shopping in the big department stores

I never visit the giant department stores in the year and then Christmas swings around and I can’t get enough. Okay, so I can’t actually afford to buy anything in them but I always go to Liberty’s, Harrods and Selfridges just to see their Christmas lights and displays. And sometimes I even buy myself a chocolate bar! 

3. Christmas Markets

Although I must confess I don’t think you can beat my uni city Birmingham’s Christmas market, but maybe that’s just because it’s the first one I went to. London has a million and they’re all unique but so cute. I would in particular recommend the South Bank’s because it’s so alive and there’s just so much amazing food. And of course the King of Christmas markets, Winter Wonderland. If you catch it when it’s not too busy it’s the best Christmassy night out with friends. Random thought: Are Christmas markets a new thing? I don’t remember them being around when I was little. 


4. Visit a pop-up 

Every Christmas amazing festive pop ups appear all over London and I think they’re perfect for a Christmas meal or night out with friends. I love Forest on the Roof on top of Selfridges, it looks like an Alpine Forest. Also try the Lodge in Clapham which is designed like a Swiss Ski Lodge and has cheese fondue. And I’m desperate to try Coppa Club Igloos by the Tower of London. Giant PVC igloos with an incredible view and sheepskin blankets, what more could you want?

What are your favourite things to do in London at Christmas? 


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