16 things to add to your self-care plan


Looking back at my New Year’s resolutions, one big one was to focus a little more on self-care and make sure I have more me time. I’m pretty sure it’s a resolution we could all make. With long London hours, commuting, occasional evening work, friends, family and constant plans, it’s sometimes so hard to find the time to actually spend on you and it can get bloody exhausting. I’m a typical perfectionist, I only do things that are going to be of benefit for me. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and did something mindless (actually that’s a lie, I made it a priority for the Christmas break). But apart from that, I get home from work late and spend the evening exercising to get fitter, blogging to be creative, making to do lists to achieve more etc. It’s a little bit ridiculous. My family say my catchphrase is ‘I have so much to do!’ Enough! 2017 is the year I spend a bit more time on me, doing things because they make me happy rather than things that get me further. And here’s how I’m going to do it…

  1. Schedule it in: I’m going to put aside at least one night a week for me time this year, and it’s going in the diary so it’s like an appointment – immovable.
  2. Eat healthily: I would eat better if I gave myself more time to prepare food. But I always have something better to do or something better to spend the money on. Not this year, breakfast and lunch are going to be prepared and thought about in advance and I’m going to spend more on healthy snacks too.
  3. If you miss pilates, do it at home: I’m so guilty of double booking my pilates class with work or something similar and not doing anything about it. I love pilates, it’s good for my mind and body so from now on if I miss it (and I only should if I really have to), I’m going to do a pilates class to a Youtube video at home instead.
  4. Sleep: I’m getting better at this (touch wood), I always hesitate to set sleep goals as a recovering insomniac. Any sleep at all is an achievement for me. But I want a bit more of a sleep routine from now on, less lurching from under sleeping to oversleeping.
  5. Drink water: I HAVE to nail this this year. I’m drinking two litres of water a day. End of.
  6. Read a fiction book always: I want to always, always have a fiction book on my kindle ready for me to read. I find reading so relaxing and it’s perfect for those days where I don’t want to be productive on my commute, and why shouldn’t I?
  7. Expand my chill-out playlist: I’ve begun a chill-out playlist on my Spotify but currently it’s three tracks long. I already find it useful, particularly if I’m walking to work and feeling a little nervous about the day ahead. I need to commit and expand it a little now.
  8. Say no and don’t feel guilty: Tying into point one, this year I’m going to say no to things I don’t want to do, and more importantly, not feel guilty about doing that!
  9. Let go of things that don’t matter: Another important one for me, I worry about such rubbish, things that everyone else forgot about three seconds after they happened. It’s so tough but I’m going to keep working to let those things go.
  10. Write down three positive things every day: I’ve been doing this since mid-January 2016 and I want to continue. Not only is it going to be fascinating to see what I’ve been doing that day through the years, but it’s good to end the day remembering that no matter how bad it’s been there have been things to smile about.
  11. Go for one country walk a month: I love a good country walk, it refreshes your mind and body. I live in the flipping countryside so I think I should be able to manage this once a month!
  12. Don’t feel guilty if you spend all day at home in your pjs: On the other end of the spectrum, some days you just need to not leave the house but I always feel terrible if I do this. Not anymore.
  13. Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day: Now I’ve discovered the Health app on my iPhone I can keep track of this. With my walk to and from work I usually do about 7,000 anyway, I just need to squeeze in a break from my desk at lunch and I should make the target.
  14. Have a pamper night once a month at least: I love a pamper night but I always feel you really have to commit to them and feel guilty taking a whole evening off to do it. Once a month is a reasonable aim and I’m sure my body will thank me for it.
  15. Switch off and stop scrolling: Ugh, the internet. I need less of you and mindless scrolling in my life. I find it so hard to switch off my phone but spending some time away from it always, always makes me feel better. This year I’m going to do it more.
  16. Be mindless: Finally I’m going to do more things that benefit me in no way at all e.g. reading trashy novels, playing Theme Hospital, watching endless Netflix. And I’m not going to feel guilty about it, so there!

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