12 steps to the perfect pamper night

Pamper night 1

Although this is a little space of positivity, I want to admit I’ve been feeling a little bit low recently. There are lots of great things about January but there are also some more negative things – darkness, the cold and that post-Christmas comedown. The one thing that can really make me feel better, after a long day at work or a difficult Monday (aren’t Mondays just the worst?!) – is a pamper night.

After a particularly long, dark and cold Monday I read this brilliant Hannah Gale post and decided to create the best pamper night of all time. I felt 1,000,000 times better afterwards. I slept soundly and I genuinely think the rest of the week was better because of it.

So here are my top 12 steps to the very best pamper routine, probably for that Monday night when you really feel you can’t get through the next four full days of work. You can and you will, just give yourself a little break first.

Pamper night 2

  1. Firstly, make your hot drink of choice. For me, depending on my mood, this will either be a herbal tea (usually Teapigs) or a luxury hot chocolate. If you’re going for the hot chocolate option, use milk, squirty cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings – put your all into it. Make it in your biggest mug and enjoy every mouthful.
  2. Run your bath and make sure it’s the right temperature, not too hot but definitely not lukewarm. Then pick a Lush bath bomb, I tend to go for bubbles and when I’m in a bad mood I like a moisturising one that’ll give me a cuddle in the bath. The butterbear would probably be my choice. But if pink and sparkly is sure to lift your spirits, go for that instead.
  3. Take off all your make up in the most time consuming routine you have. This is pamper night, you have all the time in the world. For me, this would be a double cleanse with Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish. Then I’d move onto the Liz Earle toner too. Use warm water and feel like you’re giving yourself a mini facial.
  4. One of my favourite steps, put a face mask on. I would definitely be reaching for my Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask for this step. It’s black so I like to scare anyone else in the house after I’ve put it on. It’s also great for clearing out your pores, and after time on the tube I feel like I always need that.
  5. Put Adele on repeat or, of course, your music of choice. But for that ultimate chilled out pamper night, Adele is my number one girl. I’ll put her album on shuffle whilst my bath is running and probably have a little cry to make myself feel better about that rubbish day.
  6. Light a lot of candles and turn off the lights. What I really mean by this is light every candle you have in your collection and scatter them around the bath edge. I don’t care that all the scents will mix, candles are mood boosters and absolutely essential for pamper night. Why pick one?!
  7. Once I’m finally in the bath with all the above around me, I’ll grab a book. I used to catch up on TV on my iPad whilst in the bath but I think a book is able to distract me in a way no television programme can. I’ve just finished Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic to the Rescue and loved it so can highly recommend, especially if you’re looking for a book to whisk you into another world.
  8. Once you’re out of the bath, moisturise. I always forget/skip this job when I just have a bath or a shower but on pamper night, it’s essential. You’ll go to bed and wake up feeling all nourished.
  9. Put your onesie on. I find that once I’ve moisturised, I want to leave my skin free to breathe. A onesie is the ideal option, lots of space for skin to dry and drink up that moisturiser but you still feel all warm, cosy and ready to chill.
  10. Pamper night, means time off healthy eating night so eat all the chocolate, or your choice of comfort food. Did you know chocolate contains phenylethylalanine which simulates the feeling of falling in love? It all makes so much more sense now!
  11. Do your nails. To allow pamper night to last into the week, do your nails now so you wake up feeling ready for anything. I always feel more in control when my nails are perfect and the process of doing them is therapeutic too. Go the whole hog though and give yourself a mini manicure – file, shine, base coat, colour, top coat.
  12. And finally, cuddle up under a blanket. Whether it’s alone or with your favourite person, get all cosy in your fluffiest blanket and either read some more or put on some Netflix. Perfection.

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