12 reasons we’re all obsessed with this year’s Bake Off…


Photo: BBC

This post really needs no introduction. I’m obsessed, you’re obsessed and it’s the last ever one with Mary, Mel and Sue. We need to treasure every moment. 

1. Mary Berry reminds us all of our grandma. Just watching her takes you back to your childhood baking fairy cakes and spilling flour all over the floor.

2. But you also feel like you finally understand that secret naughty adult language. Remember all those jokes your older relatives laughed at that you didn’t get? Well now you do.


3. Mel and Sue are the cheerleaders we all want to have on our team. Imagine having miniature versions of them to take to work with you every day.

4. Paul Hollywood is just like a pantomime villain. But secretly we just want to give him a hug.

5. With Selasi and Benjamina on board, baking is finally cool and their friendship is just adorable.

6. And Candice might just be the sassiest baker ever (see below Twitter post for evidence). And she seriously makes us want to up our lipstick collection too.


7. Us Brits love an underdog and Andrew is the cutest one of all.

8. And don’t get me started on how much of a babe Jane is ❤️

9. Bake Off gives you an excuse to buy baked goods on the way home from work. No one can tune in without a cake in their hand, that’s just cruel.

10. And whilst this year might have made you doubt the sanity of the world and the British people, the outcry Bake Off’s channel move caused shows there’s a cause we can all get behind.

11. It’s never all bad, even if *shock horror* it’s all gone wrong and you drop your cake on the floor. Someone will always be there with a hug and Mary will find something nice to say.



12. It feels good at the end of a long Wednesday to get home, know you’re over hump day and get stressed about cake. Because really in life, what’s more frustrating than a soggy bottom?


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