10 Ways to Make the Most of the Christmas Break


Christmas is over (sad face) but you’ve still got that nice long stretch off before you have to face the office again. How do you make the most of that time off? I think this little slice of the year is one of the only times we can truly relax and give ourselves the much needed break before the new year hits with all its demands. But sometimes we end up feeling guilty for not filling the time properly and just moping around in our pyjamas. So I’ve made a little list of ways to fill your time but still chill out and feel refreshed too…

  1. Play board games: I don’t know about you but we only ever seem to play board games around Christmas. And there’s so many good ones out there – Cluedo, that old classic Monopoly, Outburst, Taboo, and millions more. Plan a games night and get everyone involved. 
  2. Write some New Years resolutions: There’s no point tackling all that tricky stuff yet but why not make a little list of aims for next year? All positive, no negatives, and just don’t make them too unrealistic. 
  3. Start a new box set: There’s no better feeling than getting sucked into a brand new story, so dig out that box set you’ve been trying to find the time to start and get sofa surfing.
  4. Have a clear out: If you want to be a bit more productive, you’re going to need to find space for all those shiny new things you got this Christmas so make it out with the old and in with the sparkly new. It’s nice to start the new year all decluttered too, and you can take all your old things to the charity shop. 
  5. Go for a country walk: I love the crisp air at this time of year and this is the perfect way to gently work off all that food you’ve eaten the last few days. I’m heading to Devon for a few days so I’ll be walking on the beach wrapped up in a million layers and I can’t wait. 
  6. Finally get started on that long term to do list aim: Is there something that’s been sitting in those notes on your iphone for the whole year and you’ve never got round to? For me it’s to start writing my novel, I’ve had the idea for months and just never got round to it. This is the perfect time to start, ready to continue into 2017.
  7. Read, read, read: I don’t know about you but I only ever read on my commute. I forget how nice it is to get snuggled up under a blanket in the lounge with just a cup of tea and a book for company.
  8. Have a pamper day/night: Get New Year’s Eve ready with some pamper time, I’ve got a post here which I always refer back to when planning my de-stress time. Just work through this list and ta da! You’ll feel all brand new.
  9. Make fun (but cheap!) plans for January: Get that brand spanking new 2017 diary out and start texting friends and filling in pages. January can be dark and drab so make sure you’ve got lots to look forward to.
  10. Take all your family/friends to do an escape room: I’m obsessed after trying my first one in York last month. They’re all over the UK and they’re the perfect team building exercise and just so much fun!

Have you got any more ideas? I’d love to hear how you make the most of this time.


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